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A handheld showerhead makes it easier for the elderly, disabled, and sick people to shower. We have a lot of brands of handheld showerheads in the market today. How do you narrow it down to the best one? You should consider the ease of use, overall design, spray patterns, weight, and durability. One of the top ones to check out is the YOO.MEE ADA Handheld Shower for the Elderly. It has fantastic features that will make showering a breeze for seniors and the sick or disabled people.

What does the YOO.MEE ADA Handheld Shower for the Elderly has to offer? Well, we have had the chance to use this showerhead and can tell you that it has some very useful features. The large silicone switching device makes changing the settings very comfortable, the hose is long enough, and it comes with a special pause setting. However, the shower also has its limitations which we will explore in this review. We hope that the information provided will help you decide whether to buy this handheld shower head for the elderly.


Earlier, advanced age, sickness, or disability meant that the affected person had to be assisted to take a shower or bath. We can only imagine how this made one feel stripped of their privacy and also took away the joy of showering or bathing. It must have been this situation that inspired different companies and experts to develop devices and appliances that allow these people to shower independently. The YOO.MEE ADA Handheld Shower Head for the Elderly does just that; making it easier for these people to shower or bathe on their own. This product has a great design, easy to adjust settings, and is simple to use.


  • Extra-large silicone switching device
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • Special pause setting
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with flexible stainless steel shower hose


  • Water pressure feels low
  • No shower mount
  • Prone to leakage

What is the YOO.MEE ADA Handheld Shower Head For Elderly Made of?

The YOO.MEE ADA Handheld Shower Head For Elderly is made of luxury polished stainless steel and silicone. The 79-inch flexible shower hose that is included in the packaging is made of stainless steel as is the handle and head of the product. These parts are chrome polished, so they are shiny and eye-catching. The handle of the showerhead is covered with silicone for a comfortable and firm grip. The sprayer is also made of silicone, and it has a unique silicone switching device that allows you to change the settings without strain. It is designed to ensure a steady flow of water as you shower. The four spray settings are pause, soft water care, powerful shooting, and pulse massage during the shower.

Our YOO.MEE ADA Handheld Shower Head for the Elderly review

We bought the YOO.MEE ADA Handheld Shower Head For Elderly for the downstairs bathroom in our house. This is the room my 82-year-old father-in-law occupies because he suffers from arthritis and that makes it extremely difficult for him to go up and down the stairs. The shower installed in this bathroom was not easy for him to use with his condition, so we opted to get a wall-mounted bath seat and this handheld shower. Since the two were installed, he has been enjoying taking hot showers every day. He loves the convenience that the handheld showerhead gives him.

The bathroom is not ensuite, so the rest of us also have access to it whenever we wish to. We have a teenager who loves using this handheld showerhead. This review reflects our collective feelings and opinions of this product’s weight, durability, value for money, ease of installation, and ease of use. We are aware that you may feel differently about the product, so please note that this review is solely based on our experience.

Easy to Install (9.6/10)

The YOO.MEE ADA Handheld Shower Head for the Elderly is very easy to put together. Before our online order was delivered, we were a little worried about whether we would be able to install it ourselves. We decided to try and attempt to do it ourselves, and only call a qualified technician if we felt it was too difficult. After the order was delivered, we were surprised by how easy it was to install. We saved the money we would have otherwise spent on a technician!

All we had to do was swap out the old hose head and hose and replace it with the YOO.MEE ADA Handheld Shower Head for the Elderly. We loved that it fit perfectly, so we expect it should do the same in almost all standard showers. We tested it after installation and everything looked fine and has been since. We have not had any leakages, blockages, or any other problems so far.

Easy to Use (9.4/10)

Our teenager and her grandfather cannot stop raving about how easy this shower head is to use. It is easy to hold in one hand, even with arthritic hands. The silicone that covers the handle ensures that the device does not move around in the hand, and the gentle spray it produces is very soothing. We have a hard water supply, and the sprayer has served us a long time without any blockages from the minerals and grit in the water.

What I love most about this showerhead is the large silicone switch that allows me to change the water settings. It is easily accessible and does not require any strength to change from one setting to the other. The silicone switch is so easy to adjust, it is unbelievable. My husband loves the pause button the most because it helps him regulate the cold and hot handles to get the right water temperature. He also loves it because he does not have to shut off the faucets as he lathers up. He has already ordered the same product for our master bath because of these two aspects.

We all love the length of the hose. It is long and flexible enough for any child or adult. The only problem we noted was the absence of an attachment to hold the shower head when not in use, for instance, when lathering your body up. We had to purchase a suction shower head holder that we mounted on the wall. Luckily we got one that worked well from the hardware store closeby.

Lightweight (9.2/10)

My father-in-law is the best person to explain how important it was to have a lightweight showerhead. His arthritic hands are almost always in pain. While he takes painkillers and other prescribed drugs to manage the pain, it does not completely go away. He loves that this showerhead feels robust, but is not heavy. His arms do not hurt from holding a heavy shower head. In fact, he has modified his shower time to match his drug intake time. He only showers after taking his medication because that is the least painful time.

Durability (9.0/10)

The materials used to construct the YOO.MEE ADA Handheld Shower Head For Elderly is high-quality and reliable. They are designed to serve you for very many years. My husband loves that it is made of luxury polished stainless steel that is corrosion and rust-resistant. The minerals and grit in our hard water have not affected the performance of this device. Its silicone handle, sprayer, and switch are also very durable. The silicone does not melt or get affected by hot or cold water. So far, it has not shown any signs of wearing out.

Value for Money (9.4/10)

We think and feel that the YOO.MEE ADA Handheld Shower Head for the Elderly offers value for money. The quality is great and cannot be compared to the plastic showerheads in the market. It is pretty easy to use especially for seniors who need simple-to-operate devices. Its silicone handle is anti-slip and the three water flow settings are fantastic. However, the spray is generally gentle, so the pressure may feel low for some people.

We also love that this product comes with the end fittings and seal washers needed for installation. You already know that my husband has ordered one for the master bathroom, so we highly recommend this product.

Final Verdict 9.3

This handheld showerhead has scored very well in all the aspects we looked at. The ease of installation wowed us, and our entire household is also very happy because it is easy to use. Moreover, it is lightweight, very durable, and has a special pause setting. We also feel that it offers value for money, especially because it meets the ADA bathroom regulations and requirements.

However, our only disappointment is that it comes without a holder, and you have to buy one separately. After weighing the pros and cons of the YOO.MEE ADA Handheld Shower Head for the Elderly, we feel that it has earned an overall score of 9.3/10.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Do I need an adapter to connect my YOO.MEE ADA handheld shower head for the elderly to the shower?
No, you do not need any adapter unless your shower arm is not standard. This device fits perfectly in all standard size shower arms.

My current shower head hose is inflexible and hard to use. How is the hose that comes with this shower head? Is it still flexible when it has water?
Yes, the hose is flexible. It is 79 inches long, so you will not strain when using it.

How big is this shower head?
It is standard size. Its size is 6 inches, which is the size of an adult hand. The diameter is 84mm.

How hard is it to install this handheld shower head?
It is pretty easy to install. The package comes with an installation guide.

Does the YOO.MEE ADA Handheld Shower Head For Elderly have a pause button?
Yes, it does. The showerhead is ADA compliant, so it has a pause setting. You use the large silicon knob to rotate through the four settings, and one is the pause option.

Can this shower head go over my bathtub’s spout?
No, you need to screw the end onto a diverter. This may require the help of a qualified technician.

9.3 Total Score

Easy to Install
Easy to Use
Light Weight
Value for Money
  • Extra-large silicone switching device
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • Special pause setting
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with flexible stainless steel shower hose
  • Water pressure feels low
  • No shower mount
  • Prone to leakage
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