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Are you facing any health challenge that makes standing or sitting comfortably without any support difficult for you? Alternatively, are you pregnant and want to make using the bathroom more comfortable when you need to sit or stand from a toilet seat? Whatever you face that makes you decide you need a toilet safety rail is worthy of your attention.

With your condition, you are at the risk of falling or hitting your head if you don’t get the right support you need, which is more dangerous. Therefore, you need a toilet safety frame, but you can’t just go to the market to pick up anyone. You need to find out the best one that will serve you right and last long too.

In bringing the best toilet bar to you, we stumbled on the fantastic product that we are about to review. The Vive Stand Alone Toilet Rail is our target for today’s post. We will access the major and minor aspects of the product to help you make the right choice if it sounds like what you need.

Who can use the Vive Stand Alone Toilet Rail? What are the pros and cons of the product? What materials are used to produce the toilet safety frame? Has anyone used the product, and how did it perform? Find the answers to these questions in the subsequent sections.


If you are an older person, disabled, pregnant, or having arthritis, recovering from an injury or surgery, this bar is what you need. It is most appropriate for the bathroom, but you can use it in the vanity, kitchen, or other places you find it convenient to use. The Vive Stand Alone Toilet Rail is a product made to make life comfortable for you. Henceforth, you will find it convenient to do anything you want to in the bathroom or other places.

The toilet safety frame is well-made with sturdy frames capable of holding you while sitting, standing, or resting your arms on it. The frames are painted white, while the arms are covered with black rubber. The product comes with an instruction manual written in a simple tone, which you will find helpful in fixing the product. Likewise, you don’t need anything aside from a screwdriver to quickly get it ready for use.

Vive health brand offers a lifetime guarantee for this product when you purchase it. All you need is confidence and your money to get this product for yourself or an older adult.


  • Strong rails
  • Free-standing frame
  • Slip-free rubber arms
  • Straightforward to set up
  • Versatile


  • A little pricey

What is Vive Stand Alone Toilet Rail Made of?

The Vive Stand Alone Toilet Rail is appropriately made to fulfill its purpose while users enjoy a few other benefits from it that are not common in other products.

The frames of the product are rugged aluminum material that can support about 300 pounds. The frame does not need any extra support from other tools, and it’s sturdy enough to stand alone while using it. Rest assured, you won’t fall or slip when standing or resting on it. The frames are not flimsy or heavy. They are lightweight and yet strong. Also, they are finely coated with an anti-corrosion substance. That’s to ensure it’s durable for many years to come, no matter the number of times you clean or wipe it with disinfectant.

The handles are designed for you to hold on to or rest on. The arms are covered with anti-slip pads made with soft material that won’t hurt your arms. They are also quality materials that can be cleaned or disinfected.

The rails of this product are 26.5 inches wide that are suitable for tiny bathrooms. The product is fashioned for any toilet shape, sink, and the likes. The bottom frames measure 19 inches deep. Lastly, the base frames are fixed with the product to offer you extra support and secure you from falling.

Our Vive Stand Alone Toilet Rail review

Has anybody tried this toilet safety rail, and how did it work?

We will answer that question in this section. We have requested a few of our reviewers to give their opinion about the product and score each aspect. Their candid observations are here in the following few sections.

Ease of Use (8.4/10)

We didn’t use the instruction manual to set it up; that’s to tell you how simple and easy to assemble. We then took it to the elongated toilet, which fits perfectly. At a point, we took it to the kitchen chair for grandma to sit because she loves cooking. We are glad it was beneficial for her. Most of the time, she now stands and sits without anyone holding her.

Cleaning it is also very easy, and the rail doesn’t look like it will rust or peel anytime soon. Well, perhaps with frequent cleaning, the paint may wipe off. We are not sure because we haven’t used it for more than three months.

This toilet safety rail is very portable and lightweight to lift or move anywhere. It doesn’t occupy much space as well. We love how compact it is.

We found the magazine rack on it, but she hasn’t been using it. If you love to read, you will find it essential to keep your book or magazine while you relieve yourself in the toilet.

We would have appreciated it to be adjustable or foldable, but that’s not a big problem since old mama is comfortable with it for now.

Sturdiness & Stability (9.1/10)

The frames are strong, including the handles; they never made our old mother fall or frighten her in any way. The toilet safety rail comes with support at the base, making it balance well and prevent it from shifting. The handles are also firm and gentle to grip on any position. Thanks to the padding on it.

We know a woman that prefers a rail that can be permanently attached to her toilet. So, this can’t be permanently fixed to the bathroom. If that’s what you are looking for, this product is not for you.

The product says it can hold up to 300 pounds, and our grandma is not up to that. Therefore, it’s an excellent product.

Value for Money (7.8/10)

The price tag of the product is slightly high but reasonable. We didn’t even bother much about the price. What matters most to us is the essence of the product. We don’t want grandma to fall again after the first one that put her into her present condition. She can’t walk perfectly or stand upright. Hence, we needed to get her the right toilet safety frame.

This particular one is dear to us because she can use it anywhere in the house. It is worth the money spent on getting it.

She keeps saying she preferred a foldable or adjustable one, for the reason we don’t know. Therefore, we would get her that if she won’t stop demanding it. Aside from that, the product is cool.

Final verdict 8.4

The Vive Stand Alone Toilet Rail has been carefully and thoroughly reviewed before giving it a final score to illustrate its overall performance. It’s hard to come by a toilet safety rail that will get up to 8.0 out of 10. For this product to score above 8.0, it means a lot, and that should make you see it as one of the best you can get in the market.

The product is found helpful for anyone with standing and sitting difficulty. It is created to enhance their movement with ease. The unique benefit of the frame is that it can be moved anywhere for use. Thanks to its lightweight and versatile design.

It would be best not to prioritize the price above the product to render optimum service to you. Hence, see the Vive toilet safety rail as the right one for you. If not for a few preferences, we would have rated it above 8.4.

Get the Vive Stand Alone Toilet Rail today and protect yourself from tripping when using the toilet.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Can I use just one handle to stand or sit?
The product is strong, especially the legs, but it will be better to use the two handles. However, if you cannot use the two hands to hold on to it, you would need to train yourself well and get used to using one arm to prevent yourself from tipping.

Are the handles made from foams, and does it contain latex?
Each handle of this product is covered with padded foam, but it doesn’t have latex in it.

Is it safe to use it with the bottom rail without falling?
The toilet safety frame is entirely safe, even with the base rail. The base rail won’t make you fall because it would be resting against the base of your toilet bowl. Besides, you will need to be always watchful to avoid being injured, regardless of the bottom rail.

Can I remove the rack from the product?
Yes! You don’t need to attach the magazine rack with the product. You may not fix it with it from the beginning to save some space if your bathroom is tiny.

Is it possible to place the front frame behind the toilet bowl?
That’s not possible. The front is clear and safe except for the single rail that crosses the toilet seat’s front. You should note that it won’t injure you.

8.4 Total Score

Ease of Use
Sturdiness & Stability
Value for Money
  • Strong rails
  • Free-standing frame
  • Slip-free rubber arms
  • Straightforward to set up
  • Versatile
  • A little pricey
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