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It is not unusual for seniors in our communities to struggle using bathtubs. Some experience difficulty due to diseases that limit their mobility, while others have it hard due to broken hips and subsequent hip-replacement surgery. These reasons should not stop seniors from enjoying baths whenever they wish. They can do so with the help of bath lifts, such as the Tranquilo Premium Electric Bath Lift. Bath lifts are designed to make it effortless and stress-free to enter and exit from the bathtub of your choice, and every person with limited mobility should consider getting one.

What makes the Tranquilo Premium Electric Bath Lift special? Is it any different from the cheaper brands in the market? We understand your concerns, but we must also let you know that the best bath lift for one person may not be the best for another. Fortunately, we have already used the Tranquilo Premium Electric Bath Lift, and our review will evaluate the most critical factors to look for in a bath lift. This information will help you to conclude whether it is a worthwhile purchase.


The Tranquilo Premium Electric Bath Lift is an integrated swivel seat that comes with premium features. It is very comfortable, safe, and the swivel feature makes it much easier to transfer the user to and from the seat. Moreover, it can support people who weigh a maximum of 400 pounds, unlike most bath lifts that can only handle up to 300 pounds. Its motor is also very powerful and relatively quiet during use. This bath lift is designed to offer top-notch comfort for every user.


  • Padded swivel seat
  • Six suction cups for safety and stability
  • Integrated transfer flaps
  • 400 lb lifting capacity
  • Extra high lift range
  • Easy to use hand controller


  • Not compact
  • Limited suction power

What is the Tranquilo Premium Electric Bath Lift Made of?

The Tranquilo Premium Electric Bath Lift is made of heavy-duty metal for the motor and chassis components. It also features some high-grade plastic parts and a lot of top-quality padding materials. This bath lift is not compact due to the padding, but it offers enhanced support and comfort for every user. The overall construction is pleasing to the eyes, and the design is well-thought-out, which makes the seat very convenient to use. The motor is also powerful, meaning that it will serve you for many years to come without breaking down. The watertight hand-held controller also has an ergonomic design that makes it very easy to use.

Our Tranquilo Premium Electric Bath Lift review

My grandfather has had back problems for a while now. In recent years, the situation has worsened, and he experiences severe pains that have rendered him unable to move as much as he did before. We have purchased four different lift chairs in the last two years, and none seemed to offer the support and comfort he needs. A couple of months ago, we decided to try the Tranquilo Premium Electric Bath Lift because it is heavily padded compared to the other brands we had tried. The caregiver who recommended it to us said that it had a swivel chair that made it easier to use.

So far, we have five electric bath lifts in the house, and each has its pros and cons. Today, we will evaluate the Tranquilo Premium Electric Bath Lift, which is our latest purchase. We will explicitly share what we love and what we dislike about this seat. Kindly note that our feelings and opinions are somewhat subjective because we have already used other bath lifts before. You may have a different experience based on how you use yours.

Suction Power (7.0/10)

When the delivery man brought our much-awaited parcel, we were very eager to open and set it up. We silently hoped that this would be our last chair purchase. We set it up and tested it on the tall bathtub that grandpa loves most. We discovered that even though it had six suction cups for added stability, the seat was no different from others we have tried in the past. Even so, we wanted to believe that there was still something special about this seat, so we waited for grandpa to give us his review after using it.

When grandpa finally used his new Tranquilo Premium Electric Bath Lift, he mentioned that the six suction cups on the base made him feel like the bath lift would be more stable. He later said that it was just as durable as all other seats he had tried before. He did not note anything special with this brand.

The suction cups stuck on the smooth floor of the bathtub just fine, but their suction power was not as good as the label claimed. The seat was a little shaky as grandpa used it. However, the wobbling was limited, so he had nothing to worry about. We decided to disassemble the bath lift and assemble it again, hoping that doing so would solve this little concern. We also wiped the suction cups and dried them before trying the bath lift again on a clean, dry bathtub.

Sadly, the issue was not resolved as the suction cups did not seem to work any better. The seat was still not as stable as we expected it to be. Even though this limitation was off-putting, we loved other aspects of this seat. The manufacturer should consider using suction cups that can stick very firmly on the floor of any bathtub.

Sturdiness and Stability (8.0/10)

The strength and stability of this seat were impressive. Grandpa has a big frame, and he has not lost any weight since his mobility became impaired. He weighs about 295 pounds, so we cut it close with other bath lifts allowing a 300-pound weight limit. With this seat, the weight limit indicated was 400 pounds, so we expected it to be very strong and stable. It partly met these expectations.

Overall, the Tranquilo Premium Electric Bath Lift is solid. It was made with heavy-duty metal that supported grandpa’s weight without any strain. He said that the heavy padding made him feel more comfortable while taking baths and that he loved that he could swivel a little inside his tall and wide bathtub. We warned him not to overdo it to prevent a bathroom accident.

The stability of the lift, on the other hand, was a little wanting. As earlier mentioned, the lift was a little shaky because of the suction cups’ limited power. We wanted to be sure that our stability concern was not drawn out of the blues, so we tested the lift again on the floor of the house. The seat is very stable and does not wobble when placed on the ground without the suction cups.

We tried fitting in the base that houses the suction cups again, ensuring that each cup was inserted in. Even after going through all this strain, grandpa still mentioned that our efforts had not resolved the little wobbliness he noticed the first day of using his Tranquilo Premium Electric Bath Lift. We strongly feel that this can only be solved by using more powerful suction cups.

Easy to Assemble (8.0/10)

Assembling grandpa’s Tranquilo Premium Electric Bath Lift was pretty effortless. The seat came with a user manual containing step-by-step instructions on how to set it up. It did not take much time to set up and test it to understand how it worked. We must mention that since this lift is not as compact, it required more than two hands to assemble. Two people in our household assisted while the rest of us watched, and one read out loud the instructions.

The only small problem we experienced was with the bulky padding on the seat and backrest that seemed not to be firmly attached to the plastic sections. Luckily, we found information online on how to resolve this. We adjusted the padding without much strain, and we loved that the seat looked classy and comfy after assembling it.

Final Verdict 7.7

From this review, you can already tell that our Tranquilo Premium Electric Bath Lift expectations were not fully met. It had such useful information online about its features, so we were very excited to try it out. We were not impressed at the suction power despite the product having six suction cups instead of the ordinary four. The two extra cups did not seem to add any stability to the lift.

Due to the limited suction power, the stability of this bath lift was affected. However, we loved that it was constructed using high-quality materials. We did not note any metallic, plastic, or padding that was not well done. Thumbs up to the manufacturer for coming up with a great design that offers optimal comfort to our grandpa. We must also mention that this bath lift was relatively easy to assemble and disassemble.

Based on the above features, our entire household agreed that an overall score of 7.7/10 was very fair for the Tranquilo Premium Electric Bath Lift review.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

How high does the Tranquilo Premium Electric Bath Lift go?
This bath lift has an extra-high lift range of 21.5 inches, while most bath lifts can only go up to 18 inches. This lift range makes it suitable for use in regular and tall tubs.

How many suction cups does this lift have?
The Tranquilo Premium Electric Bath Lift comes with six suction cups in the base. They are meant to provide a safer and more stable attachment to the bathroom floor than the typical four suction cups do.

What is the weight limit for the Tranquilo Premium Electric Bath Lift?
This bath lift can be used by people weighing 400 pounds and below.

Can the hand controller get damaged by water as I take my bath?
No, water will not damage the hand controller because it is watertight. Besides, the bath lift comes with a suction cup and hook that you can use to mount the remote controller on the wall or wherever you find convenient as you take your bath.

Does the backrest of this lift chair recline?
Yes, it reclines up to an angle of 50 degrees to allow you to enjoy a more comfortable and relaxing position.

Does the Tranquilo Premium Electric Bath Lift come with instructions on how to assemble it?
Yes, it comes with a user manual that gives step by step instructions on assembly and how to use it.

7.7 Total Score

Suction Power
Sturdiness and Stability
Easy to Assemble
  • Padded swivel seat
  • Six suction cups for safety and stability
  • Integrated transfer flaps
  • 400 lb lifting capacity
  • Extra high lift range
  • Easy to use hand controller
  • Not compact
  • Limited suction power
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