Stander Security Floor to Ceiling Transfer Pole


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One of the motives seen in man is the ability to move to and fro. However, this innate ability fades away with time. Even some people suffer from a non-efficient form of locomotion at a younger age. This doesn’t mean we have to accept any fate or think it is natural to live so. This is the same reason science brought about the application of tension to support the human weight in the form of poles installed in our various stations, home, and other vicinities.

The basic belief of the fault in walking smoothly is the weight and balance ratio. An adult always has a high weight-to-balance rate and thus suffers from an unbalanced form of stability due to overweight or less body workout to support the weight. Either of the reasons, it is common to support your balance by holding things or have human support. The same is the application of the “floor to ceiling transfer pole.” It gives you the same support you would have received from holding a wall, someone, or lying on the floor.

As much as the benefits outweigh other things, it is vital to examine the mode of operation & how it is installed in the house. It won’t be proper to have less supporting material as an aiding tool to support our weight.


As mentioned earlier, you need to know the working principles of a material, especially those that serve as a leg to bear your weight, and help you about before deciding to buy or settle for such. The Stander Security Floor to Ceiling Transfer Pole is a safe & secure pole that supports you. The question here is, “How?” You only need to view the pole like a regular pole or a wall in your room. The same way you can easily hold onto a wall is how you can hold onto this pole. But, this is easier because it is a single-pole, light to hold on, and moveable.

The pole comes in two forms: installing it in a permanent position or making it moveable. When you have to install it permanently, you only need to screw it and fix it in a single place. If you want to do this for your Grannies or older ones, make sure you are installing it in the best position and vicinity – that is, the place they love to stay all time. Besides, permanent installation may require you to have more than one pole.

Also, suppose you want to be moving it all around the house. In that case, you don’t need to follow a serious installation process because the tension mounts to surfaces at the apex and bottom and fix firmly to the coverings of the ceiling & floor, respectively. It comes with rubber pads; this doesn’t allow any damage to your room, either the floor or the ceiling. The same form of paddle foam that prevents damage to your ceiling or floor is the same configuration designed as foam grip – where you can hold the pole firmly without damaging your hand or cause allergic reactions.


  • Easy transfer
  • Height adjustment
  • Versatile
  • Luxury design
  • Maximum protection


  • Space occupying
  • Ceiling height dependant

What is the Stander Security Floor to Ceiling Transfer Pole Made of?

The pole has foam on the grip ends, and it makes easy contact with the hand and lowers the level of stress from the interaction of the pole and your hand. And this makes it possible to transit from all the corners of your room by merely holding the grip end.

You may need to calculate the ratio of your height and the grip position so that you won’t injure your hand if you hold it for a long time. So, you may indicate your height while buying if you are above 5 foot 3 inches tall.

Although the constituting materials are cushioned cell foam-based, the pole supports up to 300 pounds because of the pressure exerted in the ceiling and the floor. When you install the pole, you have a little less weight supporting the pole until you successfully fix it to the ceiling and floor, and this may be tension mounted or screwed.

The Stander Security Floor to Ceiling Transfer Pole is adjustable. You can easily adjust the material to a length of 7 to 10 feet tall. It has an easy interconnection body workout, such that you can compress (following some certain pattern) and expand from the original length. All in all, the pole has 7 to 10 feet tall confirmation, and you may need to measure your ceiling height, the user body height, and other dimensions before you buy one.

The material is not pure iron; so, it is rust-free. It is explicitly durable and lightweight. You can buy one for privileged loved ones or your older adults. Likewise, you can easily move it around the house; even without your aid or support, your loved ones can navigate through the house.

Our Stander Security Floor to Ceiling Transfer Pole Review

Since reviews are the most reliable things, we always love to view them before deciding on the items to buy. Do you know why? It merely implies a lot of the same material from various manufacturers, so we use reviews to differentiate manufacturers. Likewise, the same products are available in varieties of design, structure, color, and other dimensions. So, we use reviews to separate them until we arrive at our taste.

The same thing is reviewed below, only that our reviews are based on the tested results we combined after several uses, research, and interactions with the security pole. So, it is recommended you read the next section with a learning mind, as it will guide you through “what and how” to buy the ones you have in mind, especially if you are buying now.

Sturdiness & Stability (9.8/10)

This material is a lifesaver to my 70 years old mother. When she broke her leg at an older age, it all seemed we were finished until our physiotherapist recommended the pole. When we got it, it looked too simple to support her weight, but to our surprise, it did helped her. Although it wasn’t a sweet experience when we saw her moving all about with the pole, we were happy as she could walk without our assistance.

When she was using it, we set it to tension mounted only, and we often turn the wrench to re-tighten the tension almost all time, just to be on the safer side. Aside from the constant re-tightening, which we took as a culture, it supported her weight, she moved easily with the pole, and I can say the pole contributed to the fast recovery.

Now, it is all healed, and she can do without it. But, she kept it to herself and said, “because it supported her during the time of trouble,” now she used it to move easily all around the house. The material is stable in addition to the easy movements and explicitly durable; otherwise, her weight would have broken it into two.

To be sincere, at first, we were skeptical, but she ended up loving the pole, and we all love it too! 10/10 ratings would have been the best, but I think 9.8/10 is good too.

Easy to Install (9.4/10)

This feature is the thing that would be a long-lasting one in our minds. We were all disturbed due to the incident that happened to our mother as we were told that the easy solution on the ground is to get the material. We ordered, and it was delivered in a couple of days. We discussed the mode of installation, but it isn’t worth discussing as we figured it out quickly just by following the manual included in the material.

I guessed this is because of the straightforward engineering workout. The material is not designed in a complicated way, so it is easy to carry, and it is more like a stick; that is, a vertical pole. The vertical position is the same installation pattern, only that the bottom is round, and the apex branch a little bit.

All in all, the experience was superb as we could put our mother into using one, and she used it to move all about. I handled it once, and the pole was easy to carry, nothing less. Even with her broken leg, she moved freely due to the aiding pole. I am happy to give a 9.4 rating – the material saved us and saved her.

Value for Money (8.8/10)

The same phrase, “there is no amount too small to buy a life,” is the same that applies to us. When we were all confused and faced the dilemma of our mother’s situation, we needed to act fast and make her happy by walking again, even at the lowest speed she could. So, when the physical therapist suggested the pole, we were not only happy; she was delighted too.

Seeing her happy, we are grateful for the awesome brainwork behind the engineering of the material. Perhaps we could get another pole for our Pops too. He needs it more. 8.8 value for money explains the best of what we had experienced from using the pole.

Final verdict 9.3

You can easily see that all of our experiences are both at the physical & emotional stages. When we outlined the additional pole advantage by examining the pain we experienced seeing our mother in the situation and the quick recovery following several pleasant steps of walking by herself using the product makes sense. The lively interactions in the home followed. We knew the Stander Security Floor to Ceiling Transfer Pole contributed positively to our family, and the same reason it is our favorite choice.

Now, take it from the factual end as this review is the one taken from the several rest results we had during the testing phase. And all you are reading is the result and combined result from individuals that contributed to the action. We had a great experience using it all, and who can tell if you may experience the same or even beyond when you decide to use one yourself or buy one for others.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Is it applicable to all ceiling heights?
No. Most ceilings are at the range of 7 – 10 feet, which is the pole’s configuration. You need to contact the manufacturer to have selective feet for your home if it varies from the above dimensions.

Is it easy to handle?
Yes, you can handle it easily: from the hand contact with the pole, even to the tension mounted at the ends. The material comes with a foam grip, which prevents hand damage due to contact.

Is it applicable to the less privileged?
Anyone can you use. It gives strength and support to users. Just make sure the installation is perfect, and you re-tighten it often.

9.3 Total Score

Sturdiness & Stability
Easy to Install
Value for Money
  • Easy transfer
  • Height adjustment
  • Versatile
  • Luxury design
  • Maximum protection
  • Space occupying
  • Ceiling height dependant
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