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Do you know the most painful accident that can happen to you at home? It is slipping while coming out of your bathroom.

Believe me, that accident can be excruciatingly painful and fatal, especially for seniors and convalescents. My grandfather recently had his kneecap replacement surgery after he fell and landed on his knee. The emotional and physical trauma that he incurred was more than the money we had to part with. We have since agreed to get equipment that eases movement around the house for his daily activities.

The Signature Life Stand Straight Transfer Pole is one of such products in my house. Admittedly, I have to agree that this transfer pole is helping my grandfather with movement, especially his transfers to the wheelchair. That is why I choose to write this Signature Life Stand Straight Transfer Pole Review.

I have quite a lot of information about this product such as, why it is on my list of recommendations, and where it falls in my ratings of bathroom accessories and aids. I do not know how to be boring, so let us jump right into it.


Signature Life Stand Straight Transfer Pole is a brand product from Stander. This transfer pole provides seamlessly safe and secured support for elderlies to stand up, sit down, or transfer to a walker, wheelchair, or other mobility devices on the ground. This pole has a sleekly deep bronze color that blends perfectly with my home decoration. The slim design makes it perfect as it easily fits into narrow spaces. Ideally, we use this transfer pole for bathroom safety, but it can also be used as a grab bar for a bedside or a favorite chair as an extra handle to prevent falls.

I should mention that this pole is perfect for ceilings between seven and ten-foot in height. However, that is not all. When you add the available extension piece, you can be rest assured that this pole will reach up to 12-foot tall. The pole can be tension mounted as it comes with its wrench for assembly and installation, making it very easy to move and reinstall in a different place without permanently altering your home.

I can categorically state that the tension alone is enough to keep this transfer pole in place, so that means no screws are required. For permanent installation, you should use the wood screws that are included in the package. Do not worry; the rubber paddings included at the top and bottom of the tension pole will keep the floor and ceilings from being damaged.

Another top reason why I like this bar is because of its versatility as it can pivot in fitted areas such as, in between the bed and wall, or bathroom. Anywhere you consider fitting this transfer pole, ensure that the person expected to use it understands how the pole works and is familiar with the usage before being left unsupervised.


  • Can be used in smaller and restricted areas
  • Ideal for bedside and bathroom usage
  • Has a padded assist grab bar and stability rail
  • Supports balance of up to 300 pounds of weight
  • Easy assemblage, no additional tool is required


  • Quite expensive
  • Cannot support heavy pull on weights

What is Signature Life Stand Straight Transfer Pole Made of?

Signature Life Stand Straight Transfer Pole is made from stainless steel. The steel has been polished in compliance with all ADA specifications. This pole had a deep bronze color. Because it is expected to be used around areas where water could splash on it, the manufacturers have added a series of anti-rust and additional layers of anticorrosive.

The padded assist grab bar is movable on the pole. The tension grip aids easy usage of the pole for seniors when they attempt to stand up or sit down. I do not expect anyone using this pole to have a problem with the installation or the usage as there is an instructional manual in the package, which is highly recommended that you follow.

Our Signature Life Stand Straight Transfer Pole Review

Signature Life Stand Straight Transfer Pole is a top recommendation and a cool choice in the category of bedside accessories and aids. Aside from our personal preference, you will enjoy the value for your money on this product. While our review is entirely subjective, we hope that our opinion is beneficial and can help you make a correct and informed purchasing decision.

We believe that you need comprehensive details about this product.; hence, we have decided to discuss our Signature Life Stand Straight Transfer Pole review under some specific categories. At the end of the day, the decision to purchase or not is entirely yours to make, but our review should get you familiar with this product. Let us jump in right away.

Sturdiness and Stability (8.8/10)

The Signature Life Stand Straight Transfer Pole is not the greatest in terms of stability, but this 15- pound piece of equipment does the job perfectly. There has been no complaint about its stability from my grandfather as he uses it very often. I also have never witnessed the sturdiness being compromised.

The transfer pole is sturdy, firm when you install it properly, and very easy to put together. The stylish bronze coloration makes it look cool with our home decoration, and you may not even consider it an accessory unless being told that it is. The movable tension grip makes it easier for my grandfather to grab the pole, and the friction helps him not lose balance.

It is very important to prevent injuries by not using this pole as a trapeze system for weight capacity above 120lbs. Elderly people who use this transfer pole mostly find it useful to regain and maintain balance.

They should not be exerting more than 300lbs of their weight capacity on the pole while using it for transfers. If I am being very honest with my ratings, I will say 8.8 is quite the perfect score to give for the stability and sturdiness of this product.

Easy to Install (9.0/10)

If you are considering getting an accessory in the bathroom to aid transfers, then I should remind you that the ease of installation is an important factor to consider. Signature Life Stand Straight Transfer Pole is doing quite great in this aspect. It takes less than 25 minutes to fix together despite my prior lack of knowledge on fixing transfer poles. I should probably say that it would take less if it were to be fixed by two people.

The instructional manual will guide you all through the process; hence, you should read it carefully. Do not worry, the manual is in the package. As I have said earlier, if your ceilings are above the standards, you can use the additional pole that comes with the package to get it to the right height.

The pole can be tension mounted anywhere once the floor and the ceilings are flat. For vaulted ceilings or based on your desires, you may want to use the wood screws to add to the rigidity of the pole. A 9.0 out of 10 is quite an excellent score to give Signature Life Stand Straight Transfer Pole based on the ease of installation.

Value for Money (8.0/10)

Honestly, a Signature Life Stand Straight Transfer Pole is worth the value for money spent on the purchase. The transfer pole, albeit expensive in comparison to other cheaper but similar products, comes with a quality and alluring design.

You should know that my grandfather’s physical trainer also recommended this pole. He made us understand the fact that my grandfather’s case could have been worse and also explained some pretty damaging cases he had worked with in the past. I just could not afford to let my grandfather’s case get to that condition as our trainer said a second fall is fatal because there is a slimmer chance of him surviving it. A few more dollars in comparison is worth more than being spent on settling hospital bills.

I would recommend that you get two of these transfer poles and have them installed in places like the bathroom and the bedroom. Also, you should opt for permanent installation and use the screws because I feel it is much safer.

The biggest problem with Signature Life Stand Straight Transfer Pole is that it cannot support over-the-counter weight capacity however, it can be paired with just any ceiling variation.

The final decision on purchasing is yours alone to make. I have only positive remarks for this product and I will bluntly give it an eight out of ten in this aspect.

Final Verdict 8.6

Since I have brutally, with no bias, considered the pros and cons of this product, with reference to other critical assessments, I think it is honest enough to peg my final verdict at 8.6 out of 10. Of course, you should know that the Signature Life Stand Straight Transfer Pole meets almost all of the requirements for a great accessory, especially for senior citizens’ homes. The flexibility, versatility, tensile strength, and price were all considered here.

While you may not agree with everything in this review, I should probably chip in the similarities in the verdicts as reviewed online by professionals and those who have personally used this product.

The customizable fall prevention of the Signature Life Stand Straight Transfer Pole offered by the stability rail and the multiple add-on accessories, including the grab bar and trapeze option, is commendable.

Let me gently reiterate that this review is entirely subjective and is solely based on my own first-hand personal experiences. However, I have tried to eliminate biases by curating varying opinions from other individuals who have used it before coming to this conclusion.

Finally, I think Signature Life Stand Straight Transfer Pole is worth the money, and I can confidently recommend it to you for ease, safety, and design.

[FAQ’s] Consumers Questions and Answers

Are There Exceptions On Ceilings Heights, in which, Signature Life Stand Straight Transfer Pole Can Be Used?
No. The Signature Life Stand Straight Transfer Pole can fit all types of flat ceilings ranging from seven to ten-foot. The pole is also adjustable with additional accessories to make it up to 12 feet. While it is advisable to use the screws if you are fitting it on vaulted ceilings, the pole can function with the screws.

Does This Product Come With Paper Instructions?
Yes. There is a manual aimed to provide installation and maintenance guides for the product.

Are There Additional Tools Required To Fix This Product?
No. You do not need any additional tools to fix the Signature Life Stand Straight Transfer Pole. All accessories needed are in the package.

8.6 Total Score

Sturdiness and Stability
Easy to Install
Value for Money
  • Can be used in smaller and restricted areas
  • Ideal for bedside and bathroom usage
  • Has a padded assist grab bar and stability rail
  • Supports balance of up to 300 pounds of weight
  • Easy assemblage, no additional tool is required
  • Quite expensive
  • Cannot support heavy pull on weights
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