MJM International 191-XLC-B Reclining Chair

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Typically, it does not take much effort to carry out routine tasks such as showering or bathing. However, as we advance in age, these tasks tend to get more difficult due to our declining muscle strength and, at times, the onset of diseases. When this happens, it becomes necessary to have items that can help us carry out the tasks mentioned above with ease. The MJM International 191-XLC-B Reclining Chair is one of these shower aids that can significantly improve comfort and support for an aged person when showering or bathing.

If you are a senior or live with a person who is, you probably thought of getting a reclining chair. If you do some quick research on e-commerce, you will quickly realize that there are numerous options to choose from. These vary in features, build quality, and pricing, among other attributes. How do you choose the right one? Our MJM International 191-XLC-B Reclining Chair review will help you figure out what to look for in a good bathroom chair, as well as decide whether this particular model is ideal for you or your loved one.


Under ideal circumstances, a quality reclining shower chair should be comfortable, durable, sturdy, easy to assemble, and carry a pocket-friendly price. However, like many other products, it can be challenging to find a product that balances all these attributes. How well does the MJM International 191-XLC-B Reclining Chair do in this regard? Well, you will find out in this review. Meanwhile, here is a breakdown of the chair’s main pros and cons.


  • Anti-slip pads
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Wide reclining range
  • Large seat


  • Relatively heavy
  • Plastic build

What is the MJM International 191-XLC-B Reclining Chair Made of?

The MJM International 191-XLC-B Reclining Chair is mostly made out of plastic, just like many other models in the company’s lineup. The seat has rubber padding beneath it to help reduce inadvertent slips when placed in a tub. The backrest is made from a comfortable mesh while the belts to hold a user in place are made from fabric.

Our MJM International 191-XLC-B Reclining Chair Review

About three weeks ago, I decided to get myself the MJM International 191-XLC-B Reclining Chair. While I am not particularly very old, I was beginning to have difficulties spending the routine 10-15 minutes of shower time while standing. Bathtubs were also not working for me since the surfaces are a little too hard for my liking. I needed something with a soft backrest and easy transferability.

For the three weeks since my purchase, I have used the MJM International 191-XLC-B Reclining Chair daily. This review reflects my feelings regarding the chair’s value for money, comfort, build quality, and initial ease of assembly. Please remember that this review is purely informed by my personal experience with the chair. I acknowledge that depending on various factors. Different people might have varying opinions of the chair.

Comfort (7.8/10)

Before purchasing the MJM International 191-XLC-B Reclining Chair, I had visited several outlets to get a feel of the seats on the models I was considering. I have to say that this one was quite good, not the most comfortable-feeling but definitely among the best. The mesh backrest does wonders for me, especially due to its impressive combination of support and comfort. The chair also has a 3-phase reclining movement that makes it super easy to get into the most comfortable position.

Unlike other brands I saw, the MJM International 191-XLC-B Reclining Chair comes complete with a base and wheels, which significantly eases movement and transferability. I had tried a chair from a different manufacturer that had padding on the lumbar and headrest, and I must mention that the comfort in my reclining chair is nowhere close to that. However, for the 10-15 minutes I spend in the shower, I am satisfied with the amount of comfort I get.

Sturdiness & Stability (8.0/10)

I was quite impressed with the MJM International 191-XLC-B Reclining Chair’s build quality for a chair with an almost all-plastic build. I weigh about 170 pounds, and when I am on the chair, I can barely hear any creak or squeak. This definitely points to some excellent workmanship in making a PVC chair this sturdy. My only concern is whether plastic will last as long as, say, aluminum or stainless steel.

The notches and grooves that eventually make up the chair’s joinery are outstanding. Besides making the seat easy to put together, they contribute to the overall quality feel once the chair has been fully assembled. I also love that the chair does not tip excessively when I am in the fully reclined position. I was worried that the uneven weight distribution in this position would result in unwanted movements.

Easy to Assemble (7.8/10)

When my MJM International 191-XLC-B Reclining Chair arrived, I decided to peruse the instruction manual and figure out whether I would have to call a furniture professional to assemble it. Well, everything seemed pretty straightforward so I decided to give it a shot. After some minutes of wondering what goes where, I finally figured out how to assemble the entire base and casters.

The other section was a bit tricky, mainly due to the section joining the chair to the base. After looking over the assembly guide a few more times (about five), I finally managed to put the entire chair together. I would not say the process is intuitive, but it is not half as complicated as some other reclining chairs I had seen on the internet. After that first time, I am confident that I can disassemble and reassemble this chair without help if the need arises.

Value for Money (8.2/10)

When I came upon the MJM International 191-XLC-B Reclining Chair’s price, I thought to myself, “Well, something has to be wrong with it. It’s quite cheap.” When compared with other makes, particularly those made of steel or aluminum, this reclining chair is a bargain. After my chair arrived, I figured out there wasn’t anything wrong with it. I had just stumbled upon a friendly-priced reclining chair.

For its relatively low price, the MJM International 191-XLC-B Reclining Chair delivers on every front I expect it to, and after my few weeks of use, I am more than happy with my purchase decision.

Final Verdict 8.0

The MJM International 191-XLC-B Reclining Chair is an excellent choice for value for money, sturdiness, and stability. It also scores acceptably well on comfort and ease of assembly. Overall, it is a great purchase, especially considering its relatively low price.

I would gladly recommend this reclining chair to anyone looking for a sturdy, no-frills batch or shower aid at a great price. After evaluating its main upsides and downsides over the three weeks I have used it, I gave the MJM International 191-XLC-B Reclining Chair a final score of 8.0/10.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

What is the width of the chair’s wheelbase?
The distance between the two wheels is 21 inches at the bottom and about 23 inches at the top. This means that you will require at least 23 inches of space to get the chair through entrances.

Does the product price include the base and wheels?
Yes, the price is inclusive of the wheels and the base.

What is the height between the floor and the seat?

This depends on the recline angle of the seat. However, it usually is about 31-34 inches from the floor to the front of the seat.

Will this chair fit in a standard tub?
This will depend on the specific tub. For a standard tub, though, the chair will fit but might be very tall for comfortable use.

8 Total Score

Sturdiness & Stability
Easy to Assemble
Value for Money
  • Anti-slip pads
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Wide reclining range
  • Large seat
  • Relatively heavy
  • Plastic build
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