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As we all know, old age often comes with numerous health-related challenges. Activities that one used to do without a problem in their youth can become quite tricky. Showering is among these seemingly-easy routine tasks that can become very problematic for older adults. This is because of the significantly increased chances of bathroom accidents due to reduced muscle strength. It is very easy for an aged person to slip and fall while taking a shower. This is why products such as the Laguna Professional Reclining Shower Chair were developed to help people enjoy shower time without much strain.

This chair allows the user to shower while seated or even lying flat, depending on the chair’s particular model. Additional features such as padded headrests, lumbar support, and wheels make the entire shower time experience better. However, as you can probably imagine, there are many shower seats in the market today.

So, how do you choose the perfect one? Our review of the Laguna Professional Reclining Shower Chair will help you get an idea of the features and decide whether this model could be the ideal purchase for you.


Since a reclining shower chair is, on most occasions, a daily use product, it is important to get one with the ideal combination of attributes. Some of the most important ones to consider include comfort, quality, and ease of assembly. How does the Laguna Professional Reclining Shower Chair fare as a shower aid? Our in-depth review will answer this. Here is a brief look at the chair’s main pros and cons.


  • Easy transfer from the chair
  • Excellent reclining backrest
  • High-quality material
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Padded seat


  • Relatively heavy
  • Poorly-designed headrest
  • Footrest is too close to the seat

What is the Laguna Professional Reclining Shower Chair Made of?

The Laguna Professional Reclining Shower Chair’s frame has rust-resistant aluminum construction for durability. These are further complemented by casters made using a rust-free composite. The chair’s overall quality makes it a common sight in nursing homes and hospitals all over. Its padded seat has a closed-cell foam filling for comfort and ease of cleaning. The heavy-duty black joinery ensures that the frame will not fall apart even after long use. All these features are underlined by the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on the chair.

Our Laguna Professional Reclining Shower Chair Review

About one and a half years ago, I purchased the Laguna Professional Reclining Shower Chair for my husband, who had started experiencing difficulty using the bathroom. He is 77 years old and had started complaining that the bathroom was sometimes slippery, which made him tired from using too much energy to support himself.

One of my neighbors suggested getting him a shower chair to take showers while seated or lying on his back. Since then, he has been using the Laguna Professional Reclining Shower Chair daily. I also use it on occasion to just get a feel of it. This review will reflect our opinions of the chair focusing on – overall value for money, sturdiness, stability, comfort, and ease of assembly. Since other users might have different opinions, remember that the review is entirely based on our product experience.

Comfort (7.5/10)

Before I bought the Laguna Professional Reclining Shower Chair, I was quite impressed with its comfort-related features. These included a padded seat, lumbar support, removable armrests, and excellent reclining capabilities. Throughout the 18 months, we have had the chair, we have had mixed feelings about the chair’s overall comfort. On the upside, the seat’s padding is excellent, and the chair rolls impressively smooth.

However, reclining the chair up from a flat position is quite challenging for me and almost impossible for my husband. The footrest is also almost useless for us. Since my husband is relatively tall, he finds the footrest too close to the seat for comfortable use. I tried using the chair to see whether it’s better for a shorter person. Still, I felt an enormous strain on my back when I placed my feet on the footrest with my back reclined.

We found a way around the footrest problem by using a small household step stool to place my husband’s feet when taking a shower. While it is not the ideal solution, it is better than having him rest his feel on the floor when sitting on the chair. Our second biggest problem with the overall comfort concerns the placement of the seat belt. Besides being poorly placed, it is also permanently attached such that a user cannot reposition it. I had to get an extra safety harness for this chair.

I have looked into the possibility of getting footrest extenders, but I never get any answers from the manufacturer. If you can easily rest your feet on the floor when using a reclining chair, then this chair will be ideal for you. For us, though, the excellent padded seat is immensely let down by the poor footrest and seat belt design.

Despite the irritating downsides, the Laguna Professional Reclining Shower Chair still has several excellent comfort features that have made us keep it for all these months. Our favorite feature so far is the removable set of armrests that enhance transferability. The reclining levels are also excellent once you manage to get the chair into your preferred level.

Sturdiness & Stability (7.5/10)

When our order of the Laguna Professional Reclining Shower Chair arrived, we were instantly impressed by the build quality. Unlike other reclining shower chairs we had seen, this has a sturdy frame made from rust-free aluminum. The casters were also made from a certain material that seemed high-quality (not sure what it is). The padded seat also felt solidly joined to the rest of the frame.

Despite our initial impression, though, we have had a few problems with the chair’s quality. To start with, while the chair seemed quite durable, it developed a crack a few months ago, and we have not managed to find a replacement for the same. Regarding stability, the chair feels quite stable, an attribute I figure helps it roll as smoothly as it does.

Easy to Assemble (8.0/10)

The Laguna Professional Reclining Shower Chair, like most others, is relatively easy to put together. The joinery uses a simple mechanism that even the least hands-on people can figure out. I had a problem trying to figure out how to reposition the seat belt, only to discover that I could not. Still, I had to refer to the included instruction manual to get the assembly right.

I once saw a friend of mine assemble a reclining chair that used notches and grooves. I found that much easier than the mechanism used on the Laguna Professional Reclining Shower Chair. I had also assumed the headrest would have better adjustability and spent quite some time figuring out whether I had missed something.

Value for Money (8.0/10)

While I have mixed feelings about the chair’s comfort and durability, I still think it’s a worthy purchase. I do not think I would have gotten any groundbreaking features with pricier models. If the manufacturer improved the footrest location, then most of my misgivings with the Laguna Professional Reclining Shower Chair would be solved. For the price I paid, I think I can comfortably live with the adjustments we have made to make the chair better. I found models with better footrests, but they were made of plastic. I do not think they will be as sturdy or stable as this model is.

The chair features a commode that makes it a better multi-function shower aid than models without the commode. Since it does everything it is supposed to – I gave this chair a value for money score of 8.0/10. I was hesitant to give anything higher because I believe it’s possible to make the chair more comfortable by making slight adjustments.

It is worth noting that when purchasing it, I got the manufacturer’s free bonus package (it was a limited time offer, though). The package included a commode pail with a lid and a padded headrest to make scalp treatments and hair washing easier. Since the package was valued at $250, I cannot complain about the overall value for money.

Final Verdict 7.8

By now, it’s clear that I have mixed feelings regarding almost every aspect of the Laguna Professional Reclining Shower Chair. While it is okay for the most basic shower assistance tasks and even includes a commode, it sacrifices several usability aspects, such as comfort and durability. Over the period we have had the chair, it has scored acceptably on value for money and the initial ease of assembly. However, it has less impressive scores on sturdiness, stability, and comfort.

I gave the Laguna Professional Reclining Shower Chair a final score of 7.8/10, which is an overall reflection of our opinions. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a basic shower chair.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Will this chair tip over when reclined?
The chair’s design is such that its COG (center of gravity) is always close to or within its wheelbase. This prevents any accidental tipping when the chair is reclined.

What are the dimensions of the footrest on this chair, and does it flip up? Also, is it made from water-absorbent material?
Yes, the footrest flips up to get out of the user’s way. It measures 8 inches deep and 19 inches long. It also has a rubber vinyl center that is 15 inches long by 4.5 inches deep. However, the material is not water-absorbent.

Is the headrest usually part of the backrest, or does it come as a separate part?
The headrest is a removable part of the chair. I got mine as part of the free bonus package, so I do not think it comes with every purchase.

Is this chair covered by Medicare or Medicaid?
No, it is not. However, if you can get a doctor’s letter or prescription stating that it is medically necessary for you to have it, your insurance will pay for it. However, they will most probably pick their supplier and not necessarily the one you want.

7.8 Total Score

Sturdiness and Stability
Easy to Assemble
Value for Money
  • Easy transfer from the chair
  • Excellent reclining backrest
  • High-quality material
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Padded seat
  • Relatively heavy
  • Poorly-designed headrest
  • Footrest is too close to the seat
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