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I know many wonder what the fuss is all about bottom toilet-wiping aids because they simply have never struggled to clean themselves after using the toilet. Most seniors, obese persons, and individuals with mobility problems consider these tools as lifesavers.

These inventions generally help enhance self-efficiency for people dealing with limited mobility. You don’t have to feel humiliated, embarrassed, or depressed due to your condition anymore. Forget about depending on other people to wipe your bum for you and claim your dignity back with the right product for your exact needs.

Talking of the right product, the market is flooded with hundreds of toilet wiping aids making it even harder to choose that perfect one.

Luckily for you, we have taken the time to test and review one of the bestselling toilet tissue aids around, the Juvo Toilet Aid. In this Juvo Toilet Aid review, we will highlight and discuss key considerations with the hope of helping you evaluate whether this product best fits your bum wiping needs.

First, here is a quick overview.


The Juvo Toilet Aid is an excellent pick for those who need a little bit of help while cleaning up after visiting the toilet. This product has an easy to use design and can be used to clean the perineal area from either the back or front, making it perfect for nearly everyone with bending difficulties.

The 18” long Juvo Toilet Aid wand comes with a quick-release trigger for dislodging used tissue effortlessly.

Those with finger weakness issues have the option of using the release button on either the back or front of the handle for more convenience.

One thing that we liked most about this Juvo Toilet Aid is that it comes as a complete set with a caddy, which makes it more hygienic.


  • Two release trigger buttons for more convenience
  • Offers an added range of motion
  • Strong grip
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Includes an integrated storage caddy


  • Doesn’t include a storage bag

What is the Juvo Toilet Aid Made of?

The 18” Juvo Toilet Aid is ergonomic and is entirely made of plastic. This makes it lightweight and convenient to use. For your safety and comfort during wiping, its jaws are rubberized and feel soft on the skin while cleaning.

Our Juvo Toilet Aid Review

Finding the right toilet tissue aid from a multitude of options is both challenging and confusing. Fortunately, we have sampled, tested, and reviewed some of the best bottom wiping aids in the market today.

As a #1 Best Seller in the Daily Living Toilet Tissue Aids category, the Juvo Toilet Aid seems like an excellent choice to settle for, right?

Well, our Juvo Toilet Aid review will look at different features and aspects of the product and will address key concerns ranging from its usability to value for money.

The review and ratings are entirely based on the firsthand experience of reviewers. But remember that not everyone might feel the same way about a product and you should decide what’s best for you.

Softness (8.2/10)

Softness is always a top concern when looking for the right bottom wiping aid. It often translates to how comfortable the product feels when in action. That said, it’s safe to assume that no one reading this would be looking to settle for an aid that feels anything less than soft.

Well, the Juvo Toilet Aid comes with soft rubberized jaws that hold the tissue paper in place. These jaws feel very soft on the skin and make it easy to get used to using the product. That’s why I would rate this product an 8.2 for softness.

Easy to Clean (8.4/10)

Maintenance is key for maximum effectiveness, especially when it comes to personal hygiene equipment such as bottom wiping aids. To make the most of your experience with the Juvo Toilet Aid, you will need to handle it with care and this includes cleaning it regularly.

Luckily, this product is very easy to clean. All you’ll need to use is soapy water and it will be clean as new. Since it’s purely made of plastic, we also discovered that a quick wipe with a wet cloth or wipe also gets the job done especially when you are in a hurry.

We additionally loved that the set also comes with an easy to follow manual that contains its cleaning procedures. We believe that this is enough justification for the 8.4 ratings above.

Range of Motion (8.2/10)

Toilet wiping aids were invented to solve issues relating to a limited range of motion. One thing that we were not so sure about was the ability of the Juvo Toilet Aid to adjust and be extended and we are happy to let you know that its ergonomic handle stretches up to 18” long. And additionally, it can be used from either the front or the back.

From our experience we would rate the Juvo Toilet Aid an 8.2 score, making it perfect for the elderly who have a limited range of motion.

Easy to Use (8.0/10)

For people living with limited mobility, it’s always a pleasure to find tools that help restore their independence. Ease of use simply equates to less effort but maximum productivity.

When testing the product, the easy-to-squeeze trigger and the quick release actuator stood out in this criterion. Some users attested to finding these two features appealing and very easy to use despite having feeble and weak fingers.

All you need to do is to squeeze up the trigger and it will firmly lock in your toilet paper for use. Once you are done wiping, just push down one of the two actuators and it will instantly dislodge the used toilet paper.

Furthermore, the ergonomic handle enhances the whole experience and hence the rating of 8.0.

Value for Money (8.5/10)

From the above ratings, you can already tell that the Juvo Toilet Aid is an excellent pick for those who are serious about improving their self-sufficiency and personal hygiene. Since it costs $22.99 and is listed as the #1 best seller on Amazon, we’d give it an 8.5 rating when it comes to value for money. Another highlight that you would love here is that it comes with an integrated storage caddy for better hygiene.

Final Verdict 8.3

The product meets the expectations of many ranging from ease of use to range of motion. Many verified users attest to its value of money, usability, effectiveness, and softness.

If you are looking for a shorter bottom wiping aid, you might not find the Juvo Toilet Aid comfortable. Its ergonomic handle extends to reach a maximum of 20”, which is a bit longer than usual.

Depending on your condition, this product can be used from the back and the front making it more versatile than most of its top competitors. For maximum efficiency, we figured that using wet adult wipes is more economical with this tool.

Our overall score averages at 8.3 and is inclusive of the negative reviews that some users felt that the Juvo Toilet Aid didn’t match their expectations.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Is the Juvo Toilet Aid foldable and can it fit in a purse?
No, the Juvo Toilet Aid isn’t foldable and it is 18” long meaning that you can’t fit in most average-sized purses.

Can it be used by people who have holding problems?
The Juvo Toilet Aid handle is ergonomic meaning that it does not strain the hand or wrist while wiping. Furthermore, the easy-to-squeeze trigger and the actuator adds a great deal to its usability, and the fact that it can be used to wipe from either the back or front makes it highly versatile. Since all these require very little effort, it’s safe to say that the Juvo Toilet Aid is most appropriate for those experiencing holding difficulties.

What are the dimensions of the Juvo Toilet Aid?
The base is 8-inches high, 4.5-inches wide and the wand itself is 16-inches long.

Can it be used by those with one functioning hand?
Yes, it is but you will need to practice loading flushable toilet papers to it and dislodging them before getting it right. Luckily, the easy to use push buttons will speed things up for you.

Can I use it in the shower?
Well, Juvo Toilet Aid wasn’t made for this purpose but it can be a great tool for enhancing your reach in the shower. We recommend that you attach a baby washcloth on the end that holds tissue paper in place and secure it with a rubber band before getting down to business.

8.3 Total Score

Easy to Clean
Range of Motion
Easy to Use
Value for Money
  • Two release trigger buttons for more convenience
  • Offers an added range of motion
  • Strong grip
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Includes an integrated storage caddy
  • Doesn’t include a storage bag
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