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Are you old and living with a health condition that affects your lower body strength or restricts your mobility? If so, you should get yourself a wall-mounted shower set such as the HealthSmart Wall Mount Bath Chair. This seat will assist you to stay independent as you practice your hygiene routine. A wall-mounted shower seat is specifically designed for use in the shower area, making it easier and more comfortable than using your ordinary chair or stool. It is also more stable and prevents chances of you slipping or falling in the shower. We all know that can be fatal, right?

Wall-mounted shower seats are a good choice for the elderly who feel unsafe when standing in the shower cubicle or any other wet area. It is also ideal for people dealing with back pain or pain in the lower extremities. People who experience dizziness, breathlessness, or any other balance issues will also benefit from using a wall-mounted shower seat. In the current market, numerous shower seat brands are on sale, so how do you pick the most suitable one? This article will explore the pros and cons of the HealthSmart Wall Mount Bath Chair. You can use this information to decide whether to buy one.


The HealthSmart Wall Mount Bath Chair is a product that increases convenience whenever an elderly, sick, or disabled person is in the shower. The seat is foldable, meaning that it can be installed in a communal shower without affecting the comfort of people who do not need it. It comes with a blow-molded plastic seat with holes to allow water to drain out quickly, thus preventing water damage. The legs are also adjustable so that it can accommodate persons of different heights. It can withstand up to 250 pounds of body weight.


  • Adjustable height
  • Foldable shower seat
  • Drain holes in seat avoid water build-up
  • Wide seat accommodates bigger people
  • Rubber tips on legs for additional safety


  • Metallic parts prone to rusting
  • Needs installation by qualified technician
  • Paint chips off easily

What is the HealthSmart Wall Mount Bath Chair Made of?

The HealthSmart Wall Mount Bath Chair is made of metallic, plastic, and rubber parts. The set is made of blow-molded plastic, and it measures 16 by 16 inches. The high-quality plastic seat is strong enough to withstand up to 250 pounds of body weight. It has drain holes to prevent water build-up. The legs are mainly made of metal coated with paint and designed to make it easy to adjust the height. They also have rubber tips for added stability.

Our HealthSmart Wall Mount Bath Chair review?

About half a year ago, I came across the HealthSmart Wall Mount Bath Chair via an online advert and decided to purchase it. You see, I am getting old, and my knees and ankles were beginning to hurt after a short period of standing. Besides, my wife was also beginning to show signs of Osteoporosis that has since been confirmed by a doctor. Both of us are at a stage that requires us to be cautious and take better care of our bodies.

After purchasing this bath chair, we called one of our sons to install it. He is quite handy and is experienced in various house maintenance and repair projects. Since it was installed, we have been using it daily. Therefore, we understand the pros and cons a little too well, and we will share our experience with you. Our review will focus on the key areas such as comfort, ease of installation, sturdiness & stability, and value for money. Kindly note that your experience with the same product may vary from ours.

Comfort (9.2/10)

The comfort level was one of the aspects we fell in love with the first day we used our HealthSmart Wall Mount Bath Chair. The 16 by 16-inch high-grade plastic seat was very comfortable to sit on, and it was wide enough to accommodate me. I have a larger body frame than my wife, and it worked well for both of us regardless of our different body weights. The seat was very smooth, so there were no sharp bits or rough edges that could injure the skin.

Another thing that truly added to the comfort was the drain holes that immediately drained the water as we showered. There was no accumulation of soapy water on the seat, and neither did we have to sit on a ‘puddle’ of cold water whenever we wanted to shower. The drainage holes also made it a lot easier to clean the seat.

The adjustable legs were also handy in our household. I am quite tall, and my wife is of medium height. An unadjustable seat would have meant that one of us would have to strain while taking a shower. This was not to be as each of us gets to adjust the seat’s height to our comfort levels whenever we take a bath.

I must also mention that I am a rather clumsy person, and I am prone to small accidents such as stubbing my toe on furniture. Initially, I was worried that the legs of the seat would add to my little mishaps. Luckily, the legs have rubber tips that do not hurt me whenever I accidentally hit one of the legs. I can take my time in the shower, knowing that my comfort needs are fully met.

Sturdiness and Stability (9.7/10)

I have previously suffered the embarrassment and humiliation of accidentally breaking a plastic seat at a neighborhood function. The experience made me keep off plastic stools and tables for a very long time. When our HealthSmart Wall Mount Bath Chair was installed, I was a little hesitant to use it. I was worried that it would yield on my weight and leave me rolling on the floor in pain and shame. This did not happen. The seat was strong enough to accommodate me, and I weigh about 222 pounds. Throughout the time we have used it in our house, it has continued to work well, and there are no signs of falling apart.

Besides being made of very high-quality plastic, I believe that the seat is sturdier by the metallic legs. The legs support the plastic seat well and allow it to accommodate more weight than it would have without them. The legs also make the seat very stable if properly installed. Since an experienced person fixed ours, we have had no challenges with wobbliness or shakiness.

Easy to Install (9.8/10)

We called our son to assist with this part of the review because he was the one that did all the installation work. He reported that the installation process was relatively easy, and all he had to do was briefly skim through the instructions. He said that although any adult could attempt installing the HealthSmart Wall Mount Bath Chair by themselves, it was best if a qualified technician or handyman did it. After all, this was indicated in the user manual.

He expressed that the person doing the installation should be cautious during the entire process not to initiate the process of the paint coming off. He noted that any sharp tools could easily cause a small paint chip on the legs, which would eventually worsen and expose the metallic bits to water. If this happens, the metallic parts will start rusting within no time.

Value for Money (8.8/10)

So far, we have assigned impeccable scores for the features we have evaluated. The overall value for money for the HealthSmart Wall Mount Bath Chair will probably be our lowest score. We feel that this product is worth your bucks only if you are extremely cautious during installation. Let’s face it; most handymen or technicians are not overly careful with metallic parts.

The main reason why we deducted the points was that during installation, our son accidentally caused a small chip of paint. Within two months, the chip widened, and one metallic leg was exposed to water and air, which caused it to rust. We noticed this and immediately called him to do some repair work. He used his expertise to scrape off the rust and applied other rust-resistant products to avoid worsening the situation. Our shower seat has remained in excellent condition after the repair work, and we enjoy using it every day.

Final Verdict 9.4

You already understand how much we love our HealthSmart Wall Mount Bath Chair because it transformed our lives. We can now enjoy our showers without any strain. We particularly love how comfortable this seat is and how easy it is to care for after use. We simply rinse it with clean water and fold it down for all water droplets to drain. During the next shower, we find it in a clean and dry state.

We also love how strong and stable the seat is. The rubber tips on the legs make it sturdy, and this is a plus for me because even though I stub a toe, it is on rubber that does not hurt me. Our son also loves the seat because it is easy to install and maintain.

The only thing that let us down is that the legs are prone to paint chipping, and when this happens, the metallic legs gather rust. Due to the above reasons, we feel that the perfect overall score for the HealthSmart Wall Mount Bath Chair is 9.4/10. We highly recommend it, but only if the user is willing to handle it with a lot of care during installation.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Does this wall-mount shower seat have metal? I am worried about rust.
Yes, the HealthSmart Wall Mount Bath Chair has some metallic parts. Some users have complained that these parts begin to rust with time, especially if the paint has started chipping off.

How far does the HealthSmart Wall Mount Bath Chair stick out when folded?
It sticks out only six inches.

Can I mount this shower seat in a fiberglass bathroom?
Yes, but only with the help of a qualified technician. Fixing screws on fiberglass will cause it to break or split. However, an expert will add wood blocking behind the fiberglass on which he will mount the shower seat. Do not try this on your own if you do not have adequate knowledge and skills on mounting things on the wall.

What is the width between the legs of the HealthSmart Wall Mount Bath Chair?
The legs are 16 inches apart.

Is the height adjustable?
Yes, it is. You can adjust the height in one-inch increments. The lowest possible height is 17 ½ inches, while the highest is 20 ½ inches.

What is the weight capacity?
The maximum weight capacity is 250 pounds.

9.4 Total Score

Sturdiness and Stability
Easy to Install
Value for Money
  • Adjustable height
  • Foldable shower seat
  • Drain holes in seat avoid water build-up
  • Wide seat accommodates bigger people
  • Rubber tips on legs for additional safety
  • Metallic parts prone to rusting
  • Needs installation by qualified technician
  • Paint chips off easily
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