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If you have spent half of a quarter of your time around senior citizens or old family members, you will agree with me that a major problem being faced by them is balance and mobility. Most often than not, family members tend to ignore this issue. Admittedly, it is one of the results of old age, and while there is nothing we can do yet to reverse aging, we can make it more comfortable for our seniors.

My grandmother, even with her dementia, loves to move around. I love the fact that she is not bedridden. Most of the time she would want to do things herself like getting in and out of bed, going to the toilet, and using the bathroom, I still cannot overlook the fact that she needs help and that is why I purchased a Healthcraft SuperPole With Super Bar.

I have quite a lot of information about this SuperPole system, why it is on my list of recommendations, and where it falls in my ratings of bathroom accessories and aids. Boredom does not exist here. So let us jump right into it.


Healthcraft SuperPole With SuperBar is one of the products under the SuperPole System of HealthCraft Products’ brand name. This pole has one mission – assisting with balance during small steps transfers. It is perfect for bathroom and bed applications at home and in senior care facilities. This bar provides just the right amount of help needed by seniors to stand up, sit, or move in and out of the bathtubs.

One of the top reasons I like this bar is its versatility as it can pivot in narrow areas such as between bed and wall or narrow hallways. You should install this Superpole in the bathroom and beside the bed of who would be using the pole; it helps them get familiar with its usage quickly. This pole has a pleasing range of ease of use, as there is no need for reaching, stretching, twisting, or other activities that could be strenuous for older people.

I definitely must mention that this bar can support nothing more than 300lbs of weight capacity. It is recommended that you do not exert more than 200lbs of weight on it, as it is specially made for people who require moderate assistance in repositioning and small steps transfer only. Healthcraft SuperPole With SuperBar is quite big on the ease of installation and the time it takes. Also, it does not cause any excessive damage or alteration to your home.

I can categorically state that the tension alone is enough to keep this SuperPole in place, so that means no screws are required in the bathroom. For permanent installation, you should use the screws that are included in the package.

While this pole is not that big on designs and aesthetics, it has the SuperBar with tension grip that can pivot away from shower curtains, allowing them to fully close during a shower. Therefore, if you do not mind sacrificing just a bit on décor and finesse, then Healthcraft SuperPole With SuperBar is good for you.


  • Can be used in smaller restricted areas
  • Ideal for bedside and bathroom usage
  • Has SuperBar with tension grip
  • Best for keeping one’s balance as it supports close to 300 lbs of weight capacity
  • Easy assemblage as no additional tool is required


  • Not exceedingly cheap
  • Cannot support heavy pull on weights

What is the Healthcraft SuperPole With Super Bar Made of?

Healthcraft SuperPole With Super Bar is made from stainless steel. The steel has been polished to meet with and comply with regulations to all of ADA specifications. This pole comes with layers of anticorrosive and anti-rust coats to preserve the integrity, as it is expected to be used in places like the bathroom, where water could easily compromise it.

The SuperBar is an extension of the pole and, with its tension grip, serves as an ergonomic grab handle for seniors; this helps to aid their transfers while sitting or attempting to stand up. In short, you should not have any problem with the usage and installation of this SuperPole, provided you do follow the instructional manual carefully.

Our Healthcraft SuperPole With Super Bar Review

Healthcraft SuperPole With SuperBar is a great recommendation and a top choice in this category of health and household equipment. Of course, we do not expect you to swallow this hook, line, and sinker, as our reviews and ratings are very subjective because they come from personal experiences. We hope that our opinions are beneficial and will largely help you make the best and most conclusive purchase decision.

We understand that you need enough details; hence, we have discussed Healthcraft SuperPole With Super Bar under some specific categories. This is because we want to be thorough with our review and get you familiar with the product. Let us jump in right away.

Sturdiness and Stability (8.7/10)

The Healthcraft SuperPole With Super Bar is not the biggest in terms of stability, but it does the job quite perfectly. My grandmother is still quite active, and she uses this Superpole only during transfers to prevent her from slipping or fracturing her hips. She has never complained of the pole being compromised, and I have never seen it creak, which is an attestation to how sturdy it is.

The pole is sturdy, firm when you install it properly, easy to put together, and with its SuperBar, looks decent in our home. The tension grip makes it easier for my grandmother to grab the pole, and the friction aids her from not losing balance.

It is vital to prevent injuries by not using this pole as a trapeze system for weight capacity above 120lbs.

Seniors, especially those not confined to the corners of their beds, will find this pole very helpful because it is sturdy and can help them take moderate steps, especially during transfers. They should not be exerting more than 300lbs of their weight capacity on the pole. If I am frank with my ratings, I will say 8.7 is quite the perfect score to give for this product’s stability and sturdiness.

Easy to Install (9.0/10)

Amongst the most important factors to consider when going for bathroom accessories is the ease of installation, and I can tell you that Healthcraft SuperPole With Super Bar does not lack in this aspect. It took me less than 30 minutes to couple together. Although I did it alone, and it was pretty awkward, I believe with one more person, it would have been easier and much faster to install.

You should read the instructional manual before attempting to fix the Superpole and the sidebar, as this will help you make correct steps and guide you during the process. Don’t fret; the manual should come within the package. As I have said above, if you are using this product in the bathroom, then you may not need to use the screws. However, for permanent installation, you will have two screw holes in your ceiling.

The pole is designed to be tension mounted, to hold itself in position, and for safety reasons, you may consider using the screw holes. A 9.0 out of 10 is quite an excellent score to give Healthcraft SuperPole With SuperBar based on the ease of installation.

Value for Money (8.0/10)

Let us be very blunt here, Healthcraft SuperPole With Super Bar is not too big on value for money. The pole is expensive compared to other similar products from other brands, but the manufacturer compensated for that with quality and the adjustable Super Bar it came with.

My neighbor, who works as a paramedic, once mentioned an older woman who slipped while coming out of the shower and shattered her hip. I could not imagine my grandmother in such a position, despite that she is still quite active; I bought two of these super poles for her to use. I understand that this product is not the cheapest in the market, but I would rather sacrifice a few more dollars than spend it on additional hospital costs not covered by health insurance.

Honestly, I’d recommend that you get two of these Superpoles and have them installed in places like the bathroom and the bedroom. Also, you should opt for permanent installation and use the screws. I feel it is much safer.

The biggest problem with Healthcraft SuperPole With SuperBar is that it cannot support over-the-counter weight capacity. Also, the ceilings supported are the standards, and it may not perfectly fit in rare houses with slight variation.

The final purchasing decision is yours and yours alone to make, I have nothing but positive remarks for this product, and I will bluntly give it an eight out of ten in this aspect.

Final Verdict 8.6

I have impartially considered the pros and cons of this product, not to talk about the critical assessment done by colleagues, and I think it is safe to peg our final verdict at 8.6. I know it may look like Healthcraft SuperPole With SuperBar deserves a bigger score because it ticks off most of the boxes with its cool design, flexibility, versatility, and conscious effort to make it come with an adjustable SuperBar.

While you may not agree with all of what I have written, it is safe to tell you that you will find only a similar review like this online as they all come from personal experiences.

It is quite commendable that the SuperBar pivots freely, allowing my grandmother to move step by step, and I have noticed that it locks every 45 degrees to assist with standing and sitting. This is very important as the automatic locks when released, to prevent forward or lateral falling, which is a huge win!

Let me gently remind you that this review is entirely subjective and is solely based on my own first-hand personal experiences. However, I have tried to eliminate biases by curating varying opinions from other individuals who have used or are using this product before coming to this conclusion.

Finally, I think Healthcraft SuperPole With Super Bar is worth the money, and I can confidently recommend it to you for ease and safety.

[FAQ’s] Consumers Questions and Answers

Are There Exceptions On Where Healthcraft SuperPole With Superbar Can Be Used?
Yes. The SuperPole System should not be installed on loose floor coverings, in rooms with radiant ceiling heating, in mobile homes, or in suspended or angled ceilings to prevent falls or other serious injuries.

Do Screws Come In The Box?
Yes. The manufacturing company made provisions for the best-fit screws.

Can The Pole When Installed Do Damage To My House?
No. The Pole is not supposed to do any damage to your house. Although there would be two screw holes in the ceiling for permanent installation, that should not be a big problem. The screws are expected to keep the tension pad in place and offer more rigidity.

How Much Weight Can This SuperPole and the SuperBar Support?
The pole is made from stainless steel, and the recommended weight capacity is 300lbs. You should know that one of the primary functions of this pole is to help with assistance to achieve small steps, especially when standing up, sitting down, or transferring to other mobility devices.

Does This Product Come With Paper Instructions?
Yes. There is a manual that provides an installation and maintenance guide on the product.

What Is The Total Length Of This Pole?
The Healthcraft SuperPole With SuperBar is around 251 cm of the total length from the floor to the ceiling.

8.6 Total Score

Sturdiness and Stability
Easy to Install
Value for Money
  • Can be used in smaller restricted areas
  • Ideal for bedside and bathroom usage
  • Has SuperBar with tension grip
  • Best for keeping one’s balance as it supports close to 300 lbs of weight capacity
  • Easy assemblage as no additional tool is required
  • Not exceedingly cheap
  • Cannot support heavy pull on weights
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