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What do you do if you repeatedly feel unsteady whenever you are in the bathroom? It would be ideal to see a doctor and get yourself checked and even get an appropriate shower seat. Wall-mounted shower seats, such as the Giantex 15″ Folding Shower Seat, are excellent for such situations because they offer comfort and stability. This seat also folds down when someone else needs to use the same bathroom. Shower seats are an excellent choice for the elderly or disabled because they allow them to shower independently and without much strain.

The Giantex 15″ Folding Shower Seat would be an ideal choice if you are looking for a shower seat. But why choose this Giantex seat over all the other brands in the market? We are sure you would want to go through the pros and cons of this wall-mounted shower seat before you buy it. That’s exactly why we have written this review. We have had the chance to use this shower seat and wanted to share an in-depth review that will focus on its different aspects and features. The information provided in the review will assist you in deciding whether this shower seat is worth buying for you.


The Giantex 15″ Folding Shower Seat is a compact and stable product that adequately supports up to 300 pounds. Its wooden bench is small enough to fit in small bathrooms or narrow shower stalls. The materials used in its construction are high-quality, so you can expect this seat to serve you for a long time. Even the installation is straightforward and will take only a few minutes. Besides being used as a shower seat, this product can also be used as a wall-mount bench for resting, stacking your towels, or even changing shoes. It is a versatile product that can be used for multiple things.


  • Strong construction
  • Compact and foldable
  • Versatile
  • Made of waterproof material


  • Mounting hardware not very strong
  • Incomprehensible installation instructions

What is the Giantex 15″ Folding Shower Seat Made of?

The Giantex 15″ Folding Shower Seat is made of high-quality solid wood, stainless steel, and a little bit of plastic. Its bench is made of hardwood teak and coated with a thick layer of urethane. This makes the seat water-proof and gives it a very smooth finishing. The base is made of stainless steel that has premium plastic reinforcement. If properly attached, this seat works perfectly for children, seniors, adults, disabled people, and pregnant women.

Our Giantex 15″ Folding Shower Seat review?

We first came across the Giantex 15″ Folding Shower Seat through an online advert. Initially, we were not too keen on buying it, until we saw it in a friend’s house when we visited them. She had installed one right past the main entrance and when we asked, she said that it was for helping her put on and remove shoes because she often has joint pains. In fact, she told us that they had one installed in the bathroom as well since it offered excellent support during the shower. This prompted us to do more research online before ordering one for our house.

We saw quite a few positive reviews online, and went ahead and bought our Giantex 15″ Folding Shower Seat and installed it in the master bathroom. My partner and I have been using it for the last one and a half years, and we love it. This does not mean that there are some aspects that we would want to be changed or improved about this shower seat.

The below review will explore its comfort, value for money, ease of installation, sturdiness, and stability based on our experience of using it. We must warn you that the views and scores shared are solely based on our experience and it might differ from person to person.

Comfort (9.2/10)

The day before I ordered the Giantex 15″ Folding Shower Seat, I called the friend who introduced me to it and we had a long chat about its pros and cons. I wanted assurance that the seat would support me, especially because I am a little overweight. She assured me that I would not regret my decision. And it didn’t disappoint. After buying the seat and mounting it on the wall, I loved how large enough it was to accommodate me, and there was even some space on the side. The seat’s height was also perfect for my partner and me.

My partner also loved the fact that the seat was not too cold or too warm when sitting on it when it is dry. The wooden seat is waterproof, so the wood does not soak up the cold water and the water even slides off easily. Besides, the color of the seat matched my bathroom decor. Its heavy-duty wooden seat does not have any metallic components that can accidentally injure you.

The only misgiving we noted was the seat was not easy to fold down with just one hand. It requires a bit of strength to fold it and if you are not careful, it may cause some shoulder discomfort for a few minutes. After showering, we always ensure that the seat is folded down since it is located in a position that can cause injury when walking to the water closet. Overall, the Giantex shower seat is extremely comfortable to use in the bathroom.

Sturdiness and Stability (8.8/10)

The fact that the Giantex 15” Folding Shower Seat does not have legs made me doubt the stability of this seat. However, my doubt and worry were put to rest from the first day I used it. The seat is made of heavy-duty wood, which meant that it supported my weight without showing any signs of cracking or splitting. I was very impressed with how strong the sitting area was.

Since I did not want to risk it, I had my seat installed by a professional. After mounting it, the seat did not wiggle or shake at all, even when I was sitting on it. I loved that he fitted the screws deep into the wooden wall, making me feel secure and stable as I showered. My partner also loves this shower seat because it shows no signs of damage even after being used for over one year now.

Easy to Install (8.5/10)

The installation of the Giantex 15″ Folding Shower Seat is quite cumbersome for any regular person but relatively easy for professionals. When our seat was delivered, we tried reading through the instructions, but they did not make sense at all. The English grammar was quite poor and looked like it was poorly translated from the Chinese language. Since the instructions were not clear, we decided it was wise to call in an expert to do the installation.

When the expert came, he immediately alerted us that the mounting hardware provided in the packaging was not the best quality. He made a trip to the hardware to buy stronger stainless steel screws. We did not like the extra expense. During the installation process, my partner helped because the expert needed an extra hand to hold the seat and frame in place as he drilled through the wall.

He installed it within a few minutes and made sure it was firmly attached to the floor. This experience made us conclude that hiring a professional to install the Giantex 15″ Folding Shower Seat is the best decision you can make. The expert will advise you on the best screws to use for a stable shower seat.

Value for Money (8.7/10)

In terms of durability, stability, and sturdiness, we feel that this seat is worth the price. Its heavy-duty wood construction provides the support and comfort that we need. The seat is also not wiggly or shaky, and it is very easy to care for. When you buy the Giantex 15″ Folding Shower Seat, you are assured that you will find some use for it around the house. If you think it is not ideal for your bathroom, you can use it as a resting bench or even use it to support you as you wear or remove your shoes. It’s super versatile and handy.

Although the seat has several positives that make it worth its price tag, it also has aspects that lower its score. One is the fact that it comes with low-quality screws, and you will need to buy stronger and better replacements. The manufacturer should consider adding top-quality stainless steel screws to the packaging. Moreover, the instructions in the user manual are barely comprehensible. This can be very frustrating for people who want to do self-installation.

Final Verdict 8.8

The Giantex 15″ Folding Shower Seat is an amazing product that has continued to offer optimal comfort and support for my partner and me. We feel very stable and secure each time we take a shower and think that this was one of the best purchases we have made in the last two years. The seat also blends well with our master bathroom decor, and we can fold and lift as desired.

We do not like that it requires a bit of muscle to put down the seat yet we have to do it daily to prevent accidents due to the design of our bathroom. Also, the screws that came in the packaging were not the best quality. Due to these reasons, we feel that this wall-mounted shower seat deserves an overall score of 8.8/10.

We highly recommend these seats, but only to people who are willing to hire an expert for installation, especially if they have never attempted something similar in the past. You must also be willing to make a quick run to the hardware store to purchase stronger stainless steel screws for mounting this seat on the wall.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

What kind of wood is used and how moisture resistant is it?
The wood used is teak that is coated with a thick layer of urethane. This makes it resist moisture for 5- 10 years.

Is the Giantex 15″ Folding Shower Seat prone to rust?
No, it is not.

Can I mount my Giantex 15″ Folding Shower Seat in fiberglass ?
No, you cannot. The Giantex 15″ Folding Shower Seat has to be firmly anchored on a block of wood. If you mount it on fiberglass, it is likely to collapse when you use it because this material has a void behind it, making the seat not secure.

Does this seat fold flat against the wall when folded down?
When folded down, it stands 2-3 inches from the wall.

Can I use one hand to fold the Giantex 15″ Folding Shower Seat?
Yes, you can. It is designed in a way that makes it extremely easy to fold and lift with just one hand.

Does this seat come with an installation manual?
Yes, you will find a user manual in the packaging.

8.8 Total Score

Sturdiness and Stability
Easy to Install
Value for Money
  • Strong construction
  • Compact and foldable
  • Versatile
  • Made of waterproof material
  • Mounting hardware not very strong
  • Incomprehensible installation instructions
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