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Wall-mounted shower seats are useful safety aides for people experiencing difficulty maintaining their balance as they take a shower. Showering is a daily routine for most people, the elderly included, but too often, seniors or the disabled find it difficult due to mobility limitations and body pains. Shower seats come in handy in such situations by restoring a sense of joy because the affected persons can shower independently and more comfortably. These devices may look simple, but they are designed to accommodate and support people of different heights and weights comfortably.

Identifying the appropriate wall-mounted shower seat for your bathroom requires more than just picking whatever you find in the store. You have to consider its size, strength, construction materials, comfort level, legs, and so much more. What makes the GBS Phenolic Shower Seat ideal for you? Why should you pick it over other brands? Well, I have used this seat for almost a year now, so we know its pros and cons quite well. By sharing this review with you, you will decide whether to buy one or not from an informed standpoint.


The GBS Phenolic Shower Seat is designed by Grab Bar Specialists to offer optimal comfort and support when taking a shower. It provides safety and slip prevention, allowing seniors and physically-challenged persons to shower independently at home. The seat is foldable, meaning that people who do not need it can still enjoy their shower without getting in the way. It supports up to 400 pounds of weight and is easy to clean and maintain. The GBS Phenolic Shower Seat meets all the ADA and ANSI requirements, meaning it is very safe to use.


  • Supports up to 400 pounds of weight
  • Lowers and raises effortlessly
  • Slotted holes in seat for drainage
  • Height meets ADA code


  • Handyman needed for installation
  • Does not fold flat on wall

What is the GBS Phenolic Shower Seat Made of?

The GBS Phenolic Shower Seat is constructed using type 304 stainless steel tubing. This material is not only strong, but it is also durable and very easy to clean and maintain. The sitting area is made of a hard, dense, moisture-resistant material manufactured by applying heat and pressure to layers of cellulose material infused with synthetic resin. Heat and pressure are applied to the layers causing a chemical reaction that changes them into a high-pressure thermosetting laminated plastic. The product comes with two 3-inch heavy gauge stainless steel flanges for installation.

The recommendation is that you should call a qualified technician to do the installation for best results. It is necessary to note that although this seat does not have legs, the overall construction and the quality of materials used guarantee you adequate support and comfort as you take a shower.

Our GBS Phenolic Shower Seat review?

I have been using the GBS Phenolic Shower Seat for close to 12 months now. I first encountered this shower seat at a home for the elderly when I was visiting my father. Little did I know that I would also need it soon. While I am not very old, my lower extremities started aching after a minor road accident at the age of 61 years, and this shower has genuinely made it much easier for me to take my daily showers without much strain. My grown-up children have also used it a couple of times, but not necessarily because they were sick or feeling unsteady.

Over the last year, I have loved some attributes of this shower seat and disliked others. I will openly share this information with you. You should keep an open mind as you read because we may have varying opinions based on our experiences with the same shower seat brand. My main attention areas will be comfort, ease of installation, value for money, stability, and sturdiness.

Comfort (8.8/10)

Before I purchased my GBS Phenolic Shower Seat, I checked in with two of the staff members at the seniors home in which my dad was, and they gave positive feedback about the seat. Therefore, I bought it with confidence that it would meet all my comfort needs. I used it immediately after it was installed, and I can confirm that the comfort it offers is top-notch.

The seat felt very comfortable, and none of the parts pinched or scratched me because they were very smooth. I also loved the height of the seat. I had mine placed 18 inches above the ground because that was my most comfy point. You should know that the seat sits 17 to 19 inches above the bathroom floor in line with the ADA bathroom requirements.

I also loved that the seat came with slotted holes for draining water. I did not have to sit on soapy or cold water as I took a shower. Besides, the slotted holes made cleaning the seat very easy after every shower. I usually rinse it with clean water after each shower, and I find it clean and dry the following day.

The only downside regarding comfort was experienced by other family members who felt that the set did not fold flat on the wall. They felt that even in the folded position, it was still big and bulky, and it interfered with their comfort as they showered. To solve this problem, we agreed that the bathroom with the shower seat would be strictly reserved for me. We called in an expert to renovate an unused upstairs laundry room into an extra bathroom for everyone else.

Sturdiness and Stability (9.3/10)

I was very curious about the sturdiness and stability of this wall-mounted shower seat the first time I came across it. I was a little concerned that it would be weak because it did not have any legs. I expressed this concern to the managers of the seniors home, only to be met with a hearty laugh. They said that the seat could accommodate up to 400 pounds!

My mind was put at ease by my father, who said that the seat was very strong and stable. I believed him and bought one for myself, and realized that he was correct. I had an expert come over for installation because I could not risk having a shaky and unstable seat. After it was installed, I inspected it thoroughly to ensure that it was not a hazard in my home.

I loved that the seat was made of very high-quality materials. I felt very stable and secure when taking a shower because it was firmly attached to the wall. The hard and dense thermosetting laminated plastic sitting area supported my weight well without feeling like it would yield on my weight.

Easy to Install (8.3/10)

Installing the GBS Phenolic Shower Seat seemed very easy from the instruction manual that came with the product. Although I had worked as a handyman back in my hay days, I could not risk installing a wall-mounted shower seat without legs on my own. I did not want to do a shoddy job that would cause me injury in the long run.

I hired a qualified technician to install the seat for me. He noted that it was easy to install only because the bathroom was quite big. The screws that came with the seat worked perfectly. However, he reported that installing it in a small bathroom would be challenging because of its size and the fact that it does not fold flat on the wall.

Value for Money (8.2/10)

Was my GBS Phenolic Shower Seat worth my money? Well, yes, it was, mainly because I allowed a qualified person to install it. If yours is installed by an inexperienced person, the chances are high that the seat will collapse when you least expect it, and you will be furious and disappointed.

I feel that the seat is worth my money because it is very comfortable and it offers me the stability and security I need while showering. It is also made of high-quality materials that have shown no signs of damage so far. I love that the metallic components of the seat are still intact and not chipped or showing signs of rust. So far, the seat has worked very well for me, and I would encourage other people to buy it. You will feel the pinch of having to hire a qualified technician to mount it for you, but you will not regret this decision.

Final Verdict 8.7

I feel that a score of 8.7/10 is best for the GBS Phenolic Shower Seat. It has made showering much easier and more comfortable for me. I like that the height works perfectly for me, and the high-quality plastic seat is smooth and comfortable. If installed properly, this seat is also very stable and strong. It does not shake or wobble as I take my daily showers. I feel very secure and stable in the bathroom since I started using this seat. Cleaning and maintaining it is effortless, thanks to the slotted holes that drain away water.

On the flip side, it is quite bulky and not suitable for small bathrooms. It may inconvenience people who do not necessarily need it as they shower because it does not fold flat on the wall. There is also the added cost of hiring a qualified technician for mounting services, so you need to plan for this expense.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Does the GBS Phenolic Shower Seat have metal? I am worried about rust.
Yes, this shower seat has some metallic parts. However, they are stainless steel meaning that they will not rust, and they are also covered with rust-proof materials,

Where is this shower seat made?
It is made in Canada.

How do I fold this shower seat?
The GBS Phenolic Shower Seat folds up against the wall. You can fold it down with just one hand. When you need to use it, lift it from the wall with your hand.

How much weight can the GBS Phenolic Shower Seat accommodate?
The seat is designed to withstand about 400 pounds of weight if it is properly installed.

How far from the floor does this product sit?
The GBS Phenolic Shower Seat sits 17 to 19 inches from the floor. This is in line with the ADA bathroom requirements.

How easy is it to install the GBS Phenolic Shower Seat?
It is pretty easy for people who are experienced. If you have no prior experience fixing a wall-mounted shower seat, you should call a qualified technician to do it for you.

8.7 Total Score

Sturdiness and Stability
Easy to Install
Value for Money
  • Supports up to 400 pounds of weight
  • Lowers and raises effortlessly
  • Slotted holes in seat for drainage
  • Height meets ADA code
  • Handyman needed for installation
  • Does not fold flat on wall
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