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Maintaining personal hygiene is a personal responsibility for every living human being. Poor hygiene is associated with many diseases and social isolation. Unfortunately, maintaining cleanliness after using the toilet is challenging for some of the elderly, disabled, and sick people. They need some assistance to wipe and clean themselves after using the bathroom. Years ago, this could only be achieved with the aid of other people. Today, this challenge can be solved easily with the help of toilet aids such as the Fanwer Toilet Aids Tool. This simple aid helps people to clean up after using the toilet without needing an extra set of helping hands.

We often take for granted the ability to use the toilet and clean up without strain until we cannot do it due to advanced age, sickness, or disability. If you face challenges with maintaining hygiene after using the toilet, you should not worry because we now have reliable and affordable toilet aids in the market. These simple tools assist you in reclaiming your dignity and independence. One of these tools is the Fanwer Toilet Aids Tool that allows you to wipe your body clean with toilet tissue or wet wipes after toilet use. This article will explore the positive features of this simple tool and its limitations too. Once you are empowered with this information, you will decide if it is worth buying in 2021.


Fanwer Toilet Aids Tool is an ideal product that comes in handy in households with seriously ill, disabled, or older people. It is designed for use by anyone that finds it challenging to bend, turn, and reach their private area after using the bathroom. It increases reach, thus helping them clean up properly with moistened tissue or toilet paper after using the toilet. This tool allows these groups of people to be self-sufficient regardless of their physical limitations. It is made using high-quality and durable materials, and the ergonomic design makes it very easy to use. This simple yet functional aid increases reach by 14 inches.


  • Restores dignity and self-sufficiency
  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to clean


  • Button to dispel used tissue fails often
  • Bulky construction
  • User instructions not very clear

What is the Fanwer Toilet Aids Tool made of?

The Fanwer Toilet Aids Tool is made of high-quality plastic and rubber. These materials are long-lasting. As a result, this tool will serve you for a long time. The entire aid is well-cushioned, and the end is flexible and very soft against the skin. The end grips are cushioned to make it easier to secure the toilet paper or wet wipes. The aid also features an actuator release button to release the soiled wet wipes or toilet paper quickly.

Our Fanwer Toilet Aids Tool review

I recently broke my hip bone after a fall and have been recovering well following a hip replacement surgery. After being discharged from the hospital, after an extended stay, I was very determined to regain my independence as a 71-year-old widow living alone. I did not want my son to hire a caregiver for me. Neither did I want to move in with him and his family, even if we reside in the same neighborhood. One of the struggles I faced was wiping myself clean after using the toilet, and the challenge was partly due to my overweight body.

After researching online and consulting with a close friend, I was happy to discover that there are toilet aids designed to make wiping easier. I did not know such products existed before! My friend recommended the Fanwer Toilet Aids Tool, and I trusted the recommendation without reading much about it from online platforms. I have been using this product for a while now, and there are things I love and hate about it. I will share my feelings and views on its softness, value for money, ease of cleaning and use, and value for money. Please note that these are my personal views based on my experience with this toilet aid. Your experience with the same product may vary from mine.

Softness (7.8/10)

When I clicked the order button on the Fanwer Toilet Aids Tool, I experienced some worry and anxiety because I was unsure of what to expect. I was apprehensive that the construction materials would hurt my private area, especially if I accidentally moved it too fast and when using the non-dominant hand. When the aid was delivered, I cleaned it before using it for the first time. My worries were settled after the first use.

The aid felt very soft to the skin. It did not have bits or parts that were rough, so the possibility of scratching or tearing the skin was far fetched. The head of this toilet aid was soft and flexible, and the end grips, that hold the tissue paper or wet wipes, were well-cushioned. Although this product has never injured or hurt my skin, I feel that the end grips are a little too firm for my liking. I would have preferred a softer material that would not compromise on functionality.

Easy to Clean (8.4/10)

As a senior who lives alone, it goes without saying that I prefer easy to clean tools and appliances in my house. The Fanwer Toilet Aids Tool scored very well on the ease of cleaning. After my order was delivered, I washed it with soap and water before disinfecting it with a sprayable disinfectant. Then, I hung it to dry for sometime before using it. Since I started using it, I clean it every time I use the toilet with soap and water. I also disinfect it at least twice a week, either with a disinfectant spray or with a disinfectant wipe.

After each use, I use soapy water and a very soft towel to scrub off any dirt before rinsing it under a running tap. Its size fits nicely in my relatively big bathroom sink. After rinsing it, I place it in a special rack to dry before washing my hands. Since making it a routine procedure, I do not feel like this is too much work. I must also mention that the construction materials are rust-proof and are not prone to waterlogging or water damage.

Range of Motion (7.4/10)

If you find yourself unable to clean up well after using the toilet, you already have a limited range of motion and need assistance. The Fanwer Toilet Aids Tool increased my range of motion and made life much easier for me. It saved me from the agony and shame of asking a caregiver or relative to wipe my bottom after using the bathroom. I can report that this 14-inch tool allows me to take care of myself well. My underwear does not have nasty marks caused by improper cleaning. I am confident as I leave the bathroom and know that I will not stink due to improper cleaning.

The only qualm I have regarding this aspect is that the Fanwer Toilet Aids Tool is quite bulky. Before I got used to it, I struggled a lot with its size. I must admit that I was very clumsy and soiled myself up the first couple of times. Soon after, I got the hang of it, and it works well for me. I must also mention that some people may feel like its length is on the shorter side, especially if they have a very limited range of reach.

Easy to Use (7.0/10)

How easy to use is the Fanwer Toilet Aids Tool? Well, this aspect gives me mixed feelings. It is relatively easy to wrap toilet paper sheets on the end grips. For effective use, it is necessary to ascertain that the tissue paper or wet wipe goes all the way to the tip of this toilet aid. I prefer using wet wipes to toilet paper, I must add.

I feel that the grips on the paper end work well, but they could do better if the grippers were placed on both sides. I also feel like the fact that it takes time to get used to is a reason for deducting the score. Since this tool is quite bulky, it will require some patience and allow yourself ample time in the bathroom to figure it out. The pictorials on the user instruction manual provided in the packaging may help a little, but the worded instructions are not easy to understand.

The ergonomic design makes this toilet aid easier to use, but only after figuring out how it works. The design allows for easy learning from the front or back. One major drawback is that the push-button for releasing the soiled tissue paper after wiping is prone to failing, and I have to manually remove it from the grip to throw it into the toilet bowl. After analyzing the design, I noted that the button fails because the springs tend to get stuck.

Value for Money (7.6/10)

The Fanwer Toilet Aids Tool is very affordable, and I feel like it is functional, but it could do much better with a few upgrades. I feel like the push-button for releasing the soiled tissue paper fails a little too often, which reduces the score for value for money. The product is also a bit bulky, making it challenging to use, especially the first few days. In a nutshell, I can say that this product is very functional but can improve.

Final Verdict 7.6

By now, you already know that I feel that the Fanwer Toilet Aids Tool is a functional product that is very affordable. However, a few tweaks and adjustments in the design could offer more value to the user. I love that it is relatively easy to use, but only after you allow yourself some time to learn how it works. I also feel that it could work better if the construction were made less bulky.

Although the Fanwer Toilet Aids Tool has its limitations, I would recommend it to people looking for affordable toilet aids because it is very functional. After considering the different features and characteristics described in the previous sections of this article, I feel that an overall score of 7.6/10 is fair.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Is the Fanwer Toilet Aid Tool latext-free?
No, it is not. The product contains rubber which is not latex-free.

Is this toilet aid waterproof?
Yes, it is. It is made of rubber and solid plastic, and these materials are waterproof. You can clean this toilet aid using soapy water without worrying about water damage.

Can I use this toilet aid from the back?
Yes, you can. Anyone with a problem with wiping themselves from behind can use this toilet aid because it is very helpful.

Does the Fanwer Toilet Aid Tool have a mist function?
No, it does not. This toilet aid has only one function: to hold the toilet tissue so you can clean yourself properly after using the toilet. You can use it to get a further reach than your arm can.

Does this toilet aid help with suppositories?
No, the Fanwer Toilet Aid Tool does not have a place to hold suppositories.

7.6 Total Score

Easy to Clean
Range of Motion
Easy to Use
Value for Money
  • Restores dignity and self-sufficiency
  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Button to dispel used tissue fails often
  • Bulky construction
  • User instructions not very clear
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