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One fact of life is that each one of us grows older each day. Senior adults, in particular, comes with unique complications, and experts in various fields have come up with ways to make their lives more comfortable as they age. One solution is bath seats that make taking a shower more comfortable and enjoyable even if one has issues that limit mobility and strength. The Elite Care ECSS05W is a wall-mounted shower seat that is easy to use. It is extremely important because it assists the elderly to take showers independently without the risk of slips, falls, and other bathroom accidents.

The current market has numerous wall-mounted seat brands. Although it is very easy to assume that all are the same, the reality is different. Some are sturdier and more stable, while others are more ergonomic and easy on the eyes, unlike others. What makes the Elite Care ECSS05W unique? Why should you buy this brand and not any other? We have had the pleasure of using this seat for some time now, and our experience can guide you in deciding whether it is worth the billing. We will not shy from letting you in on the pros and cons of this product.


The Elite Care ECSS05W is a foldable shower seat with legs for added stability. The design of this seat includes gripping handles that offer more comfort and security as the elderly shower. It comes with a wide-contoured seat strong enough to withstand up to 252 pounds of body weight. The seat is easy to clean and maintain, and it comes with drainage holes to prevent water build-up and water damage. Does this shower seat provide all the benefits indicated in the packaging?


  • Gripping handles on sides
  • Wide and comfortable seat
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable height
  • Seat has shower head holder


  • Screws and fitting provided not suitable for all walls
  • Handyman required for proper installation

What is the Elite Care ECSS05W Made of?

The Elite Care ECSS05W is made of metallic, plastic, and rubber. These materials are used in different parts of the seat. The sitting board is made of high-grade plastic with gripping handles, while the legs are made of metal. These legs are also fitted with rubber tips that add more stability to the product. The seat also features a plastic shower head holder that makes showering much more manageable.

Our Elite Care ECSS05W review

I live with my 69-year-old grandfather, and I have been his primary caregiver since nana passed away. He was diagnosed with arthritis about eight months ago and had been dealing with pain in the joints since then. He is not fond of taking baths, so I needed to find a solution that would allow him to continue taking a daily shower independently. One of his friends suggested the Elite Care ECSS05W, claiming that it had made life much easier for him. I immediately bought it without reading much about it.

My grandpa has been using the Elite Care ECSS05W for close to eight months now, and even though I do not need a shower seat, I have also used it a couple of times. This review will detail our experience with this product. We recognize and respect that other users may have different feelings and opinions about it. Please bear in mind that the scores, views, and feelings expressed herein are only based on our first-hand experience with this wall-mounted shower seat. We will mainly focus on comfort, ease of installation, sturdiness, stability, and value for money.

Comfort (9.0/10)

The Elite Care ECSS05W offers a wide array of excellent features, and its comfort level is one of the best ones for us. So far, grandpa and I agree that it meets his comfort needs fully, and he will continue using it for a long time to come. We love that the plastic sitting board is wide enough to accommodate grandpa, who has a medium-size body. The seat dimensions are 20 and 12 inches in width and depth, respectively.

We also love the shape of the sitting board. It is curved downwards, making the surface more accommodating to the human gluteal region. The board also has gripping handles that grandpa often uses. He says that the handles give him confidence that he is safe. He can comfortably hold on to the handles as he sits to take a shower and when he needs to stand up.
From the few times I have tried the seat, I can assert that it is very comfortable, and I love the sitting board’s thickness. It is thick and strong enough to withstand my weight without any signs of weakness. I also love the drainage holes that quickly allow the water out of the seat when showering and after taking a shower. No one wants to sit on a puddle of cold water from their last shower. That is gross and uncomfortable, but with the Elite Care ECSS05W’sECSS05W’s drainage holes, this problem is sorted. The fact that there is no water accumulation also makes the seat very easy to clean.

Another thing that grandpa raves about is the molded shower head holder. Our bathroom has a detachable showerhead, so grandpa’s life is made a lot easier by this built-in feature. He can effortlessly place the showerhead on the seat’s holder when he does not need it, and this feature also allows him to control the hot shower functions more easily.

Sturdiness and Stability (9.2/10)

I love how confidently grandpa steps in the shower each day. Before installing our Elite Care ECSS05W, taking a shower was a significant source of stress for him. We had an incident where he fell in the bathroom, and it was a terrifying experience for both of us. Luckily, he was not severely injured, and his body responded very well to treatment. With this wall-mounted shower seat, we have no worries because the seat is very sturdy.

It is made of high-quality materials that can support his weight. Although the gripping handles are mainly made for support, they also give him stability. Especially when he feels like his ankle-bones are caving in due to arthritis. We also love that the legs are made of metal. Not only do they make the seat more stable, especially when the floor tiles are wet, but they also assure grandpa that he is well supported. The legs have rubber tips that secure them well on the bathroom floor.

Easy to Install (8.8/10)

The ease of installation for this wall-mounted shower seat is quite relative. The seat comes with a user manual and installation screws and fitting. Initially, I had planned to install it myself but soon discovered that it was not easy to fix for someone without background information on installing bathroom fittings. I had assumed that it was as easy as doing minor wall repairs, but that was not the case.

After realizing that I could not fix it, I called our qualified handyman, who was present when our house was being constructed. After assessing the seat, he reported that the screws and fitting that came with the seat were not suitable for the brick bathroom wall. He said that they were ideal for wooden studs. He recommended the appropriate options that were readily available in the hardware section of the closest supermarket.

He fixed the shower seat the next day and reported it was a straightforward and stress-free process for experienced people. He ensured that the set was very stable. The legs were not wobbly, and it was very easy to adjust the height during use. To date, the seat is very sturdy.

Value for Money (8.9/10)

Most wall-mounted shower seats do not come with an overly high price tag. While some people may not mind making repeat purchases, grandpa and I are very cautious about our spending habits. Our Elite Care ECSS05W was one of the very few products I purchased without researching it! I was a little desperate to make it easier for grandpa to take a shower. Luckily, it has served us well so far, and we feel that it was worth our hard-earned dollars.

It provides the safety, stability, and durability features that we needed, and the quality of materials used in its constriction is fantastic. This aspect does not have a perfect score because it came with screws and fixtures that were unsuitable for our bathroom wall. While I understand that different types of screws work best on specific materials, the manufacturer should develop fittings that work well on other walls. We did not like the extra expense we incurred to buy the installation screws and fitting.

Final Verdict 9.0

If you have read this review this far, you are already aware that this product won our hearts, even if it came with a few challenges. It has allowed grandpa to enjoy his daily showers independently, and I do not worry that he will slip or fall in the bathroom. He feels secure and confident when showering and loves the comfort that the seat offers.

I am also impressed because the manufacturer made the seat using high-quality materials. We have not had any breakage or loss of stability with our Elite Care ECSS05W. We are sure that it will continue working well for years to come. After weighing all the positive and negative aspects of this wall-mounted shower seat, we feel that an overall score of 9.0/10 is suitable. We highly recommend it to anyone looking for a simple yet effective wall-mounted shower seat with legs and hope the manufacturer looks into the screws and fitting challenges.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Where do I buy the screws and rawl plugs to install this seat?
You can buy these items from any hardware store near you.

How much weight can this shower seat support?
The Elite Care ECSS05W can accommodate a maximum of 252 pounds.

What material is used to construct the legs?
The legs are made of metal. They also have rubber tips at the ends to offer more stability during use.

What are the dimensions of this seat?
The seat has a width of 20 inches and a depth of 12 inches. Its maximum height is 20.5 inches, while 15.5 inches is the minimum height. The backplate height is 6 inches, and its width is 14.5 inches.

Must I call a technician to install this shower seat?
Yes, you should, especially if you have no experience in installing wall-mounted shower seats. A qualified technician will install it properly, so you will not have accidents as you take a shower.

9 Total Score

Sturdiness and Stability
Easy to Install
Value for Money
  • Gripping handles on sides
  • Wide and comfortable seat
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable height
  • Seat has shower head holder
  • Screws and fitting provided not suitable for all walls
  • Handyman required for proper installation
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