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With old age, injuries, or disabilities comes the need to have easy-to-use tubs. Conventional tubs require the person bathing to lift their feet several inches off the ground. For people of advanced age, however, this might not be possible. For this very reason, walk-in tubs such as the Companion Massage Walk In Tub were developed. Basically, these tubs have a door on one side that opens, allowing a user to walk into the tub, sit, and close the door. Besides the different configurations, these walk-in models function almost the same as standard tubs.

Finding the right walk-in tub is probably more difficult than finding a standard one. This is because one has to consider additional factors. What should you look out for? Is the Companion Massage Walk In Tub as good as the manufacturer purports it to be? Our detailed review of this bathing aid will help you figure out whether it’s the ideal walk-in tub for you or your aged parents.


The Companion Massage Walk In Tub two-seat configuration was designed to enhance companionship while bathing. Two people can use the tub simultaneously. This model also features an inward-centered swing for easy access. The manufacturer has gone to great lengths to make this the ideal walk-in tub. Does it live up to its billing?


  • Two-seat configuration to allow companionship
  • Removable door makes cleaning easy
  • Multiple jet options available
  • High-quality construction materials


  • Quite heavy
  • Hard to install

What is Companion Massage Walk In Tub Made of?

The Companion Massage Walk In Tub shell is made from acrylic and held together by a high-quality, rustproof stainless-steel frame. The door is crafted from stainless steel and features a tempered glass option to improve the aesthetic appeal. The floor is made of a slip-resistant material that, combined with other elements, makes the entire tub safe to use. The 20.25-inch seats feature a molded design for added comfort.

Our Companion Massage Walk in Tub review

I live with my 74-year-old grandmother and recently noticed that she had begun having too much trouble during her baths. The onset of arthritis meant that she was having problems with her feet and could not use most bath and shower accessories in the house with ease. Upon a friend’s recommendation, I decided to buy her the
Companion Massage Walk In Tub to make her bath time more comfortable.

This review will detail what I have experienced with the walk-in tub over the last three months since I bought it. I know that another user might have varying opinions from mine. Therefore, keep in mind that every opinion expressed in this review is only based on my first-hand experience with the Companion Massage Walk in Tub. I will focus the review on the features, safety, value for money, and overall walk-in tub quality.

Features (9.2/10)

In terms of features, the Companion Massage Walk In Tub is phenomenal. I do not feel like there is anything additional one would require on this tub. The inside of the tub has two comfortably molded seats that are a pleasure to clean. The bottom of the tub features the dual drain technology containing two independent drains with overflows.

The tab also contains hydro jets for foot massage whose direction can be adjusted. The jests are placed on the lowest area of the tub floor so that users can enjoy the massage while fully relaxed. The stainless-steel door also opens wide enough to allow easy usage by different-sized people. I especially love the door’s tempered glass element and the fact that the entire door is removable for easy cleaning.

The hydromassage function of the tub has control dials to increase or lower the intensity of hydro jets. My grandmother has also found it particularly fascinating to have the option to choose between MicroBubble therapy, hydrotherapy, and air therapy. The only minor qualm I have with the features of the Companion Massage Walk in Tub involves the lack of a faster drain system. I feel like the 80 seconds it takes is way too long for a modern tub.

Safety (9.0/10)

Before mentioning anything about the safety levels of the Companion Massage Walk in Tub, it is worth noting that it is fully ADA-compliant. To start with, the tub has an amazingly low step-in threshold. Well, not the lowest I have seen online, but still, with daily use, my grandma is completely overjoyed with the ease of entry. Additionally, the drain pipes are entirely independent of each other, a nifty failsafe measure if one of the drains malfunctions.

The tub floor is also made from slip-resistant material and features a textured surface for comfort, but most importantly, safety. A stainless steel frame also backs the tub’s acrylic shell for added stability and durability. I would have wanted to see a continuous handrail on the tub’s top edge as the feature is now common in many models. However, I am quite satisfied with the safety features of the Companion Massage Walk in Tub.

Quality (9.4/10)

It is near impossible to find any fault with the quality of materials or workmanship on the Companion Massage Walk in Tub. The acrylic used one the tub’s shell is top-notch, and shoes no fade, cracks, or poor design. The shell is then topped by an exquisite stainless-steel frame that makes the entire tub feel as solidly built as anything you would expect.

The dual seats inside the tub are also solid, with no signs of wobbling. The knobs, faucets, and handheld shower are all immaculately designed and constructed. Every surface on the Companion Massage Walk in Tub seems extremely scratch-resistant and is easy to clean. Were it not for my general dislike for acrylic. I would have given this a perfect score.

Value for Money (9.1/10)

As you can probably imagine, buying a walk-in bathtub costs quite a significant amount of money. It is easy to feel short-changed with such high-priced products if a product does not perform as you expected. Fortunately, the Companion Massage Walk in Tub has turned out just as I imagined from the manufacturer’s description. The quality of materials, ease of use, and safety features all work as expected.

The only issue I have is that this is in no way a do-it-yourself installation product. While the manufacturer makes it seem like anyone can pull off the installation by themselves, it’s not the case. If you have no experience in plumbing and electrical work, you will be better off hiring someone to do the installation for you. That said, I do not regret buying the Companion Massage Walk in Tub and would buy it for another close family member if the need ever arises.

Final Verdict 9.2

As you can probably tell, my grandmother and I are delighted with the Companion Massage Walk in Tub. In her case, it has brought back the fun and joy in her bath time. She also feels entirely safe and does not have to worry about accidental slips. On the other hand, I am wholly delighted with the quality craftsmanship and materials used in the tub’s construction. I also feel like the tub’s features and performance are worth the money I paid.

After weighing the tub’s pros and cons, I gave it an overall score of 9.2/10. I would recommend the Companion Massage Walk in Tub to anyone without any hesitation.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Does this tub keep water warm during a massage?
Yes, it does. The inline water heater maintains water temperature throughout the batch and during massages.

How long is the warranty on the tub?
The Companion Massage Walk-in Tub comes with a lifetime limited warranty on the tub shell, door seal gasket, door, and frame and a 5-year warranty on other parts.

How high does the water level get?
The height from the floor of the tub to the overflow is 27 inches.

How can I access the pump and blower?
The tub’s pumps are located under the left-hand seat, as is the control box with the power cord.

9.2 Total Score

Value for Money
  • Two-seat configuration to allow companionship
  • Removable door makes cleaning easy
  • Multiple jet options available
  • High-quality construction materials
  • Quite heavy
  • Hard to install
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