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How handy and useful a good toilet safety rail can be, may not be a thing of concern to you until you realize you or your older person is falling in the bathroom. That’s when you may begin to wonder if there is anything you can purchase to give support to you or someone close to you in the bathroom to avoid slipping all the time.

You may even take your search to the internet, and the results you will get will include the words “toilet safety rails.” To you, that item makes sense since it’s made to suit you or your older adult. You may be reading this post because you are now searching for the best toilet safety rail for you. Or you may be very familiar with this product, you might have used one before, but you need to replace it. You still need to get the best one out there to avoid causing more damage to your health or that of your old fellow.

The essence of this article is to review one of the best toilet safety rails available in the market. We will divide this whole review into different sections. Each section has specific things to reveal about the product; hence, you may need to read till the end to learn everything about this product, its uniqueness, and its drawbacks.


The toilet safety rail on our table today is the Carex Toilet Safety Frame. The mission of Carex is to make the product the best and the most appreciated by users. That made us ask the question; who can use the Carex Toilet Safety Frame?

The Carex Toilet Safety Frame is made for elderly people, who can no longer stand or sit alone without support or are handicapped/disabled. Furthermore, other people can also benefit from this product such as, people with arthritis, pregnant women that want to be safe in the bathroom to avoid complications, and people with injury (leg, knee, back, etc.) or someone recovering from surgery.

In other words, this product is mainly made to offer independence to anyone that’s finding it hard to sit or stand without support.

The product is manufactured as grab arm rails. The whole rails are painted white and have black padding over the handles that will keep you safe when holding them. The product is designed to be floor mounted.

On purchase, you will find an instruction manual that will guide you on installing the product. This product is unique because of its versatile design. Besides using it for support in the bathroom, you can also use it in other places, especially while changing positions. You may think this product sounds all good, and it’s exactly what you have been searching for but wait a while and read the subsequent sections before concluding.


  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Slip-free padded grab arms
  • Adjustable grab arms
  • Compact and lightweight


  • It doesn’t fit all toilets

What is the Carex Toilet Safety Frame made of?

The Carex Toilet Safety Frame has a durable and sturdy steel construction that is coated with an anti-corrosion substance. This makes it safe for use for many years, even if it’s always exposed to water or any other liquid. The heavy-duty steel construction can also give stability to people on the heavier side.

The product’s grab rails are made to be adjustable in wideness, from 16 to 18 inches, to offer enough comfort to users. Also, the grab handles are covered with pads that prevent you from slipping. They are highly convenient because they won’t hurt your arms.

Our Carex Toilet Safety Frame Review

You will learn what others have observed about this product after using it for some time. There are also scores assigned to each aspect of this section based on the performance of the product.

Please note that this review is based on the sincere comments of our reviewers.

Ease of Use (9.1/10)

The product is very easy and can be assembled in minutes. Likewise, removing it from the toilet seat is also easy and fast. It’s light and small, so I was able to use it in our caravan. It’s actually perfect for both, small and big bathrooms.

It doesn’t have any rail on the floor, which makes it safer to use. I do not need to watch out for anything that could make me tip as I change position from the chair to the toilet seat. In fact, I no longer require the support of my wife to sit and stand from the toilet seat; all I have been doing is to hold on to the bars and do whatever I need to.

The bars have anti-slip rubber on them, and they are beneficial. Also, the handles are adjustable. At first, the rails were too narrow, so I had to adjust them to about 18 inches, and it was better.

My wife disinfects it regularly, and I observe that the rail doesn’t peel or rust after weeks of consistent use.

One problem is that the front bar steel is positioned on the front toilet seat base, because of which this product doesn’t fit all the toilet bowls in our house. We tried it everywhere, and we realized it’s only suitable for standard toilets.

Sturdiness & Stability (7.8/10)

This item is made using heavy-duty steel, which gives me enough support to stand and sit or change from my chair to the toilet seat. Even though it doesn’t have legs to serve as support, I like it that way because it’s much safer and made well to carry a heavyweight person like me. I am 180 LBs, and it’s strong for me.

When we fixed it, the front metal steel that stays on the toilet seat would always shift and slide off when I hold on to the bar too much or hold on to it at the front only. Later my wife checked it thoroughly to see if there is a solution to that, and she found it.

She had to re-tighten the thumbscrews very well, and then the shifting reduced. I think because the product lacks front bars, that’s why we are having this issue. What I do now to keep myself safe is that I don’t hold on to it at the front but in the center, and I don’t press all my weight on it. The product will be perfect for small stature persons. Likewise, we always check the screws if they are still tight.

Value for Money (8.0/10)

We didn’t spend much on this product, so I will say we got what we paid for. It’s a beautiful and right product for anybody who wants to be safe in the bathroom, but I would say it’s safer for smaller persons. Let’s say people who weigh not much more than 180 LBs.

Even though few things are missing in this item, like the front support bars, I am still using it, but I always make sure that I’m cautious with it.

Final verdict 8.3

The Carex Toilet Safety Frame has a final score of 8.3, which means it’s not wholly a bad product for whoever needs such an item in their bathroom. If you think this product’s drawbacks are nothing for you to worry about, then go ahead with the purchase. If the defects are a significant point of concern for you, you may need to check our site for other toilet safety frames we have reviewed.

The Carex Toilet Safety Frame is an affordable product that will not burn a hole in your pocket. It’s also made with quality steel material that will give you the independence you require in your bathroom. Another good thing about the product is that it’s compact and the arms are adjustable to suit your needs.

Make your decision and go ahead and get yourself the most suitable toilet safety frame that you desire.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Is this toilet safety rail suitable for an elongated bowl?
The product would fit almost all standard toilet shapes.

Can I lift the toilet safety rail to clean the toilet?
It’s possible and easy to do that. That’s because the product supports the toilet lid cover to sit on the steel plates placed on the toilet rim.

Can I increase the height of the toilet safety bars?
You can only increase the wideness of the arms, not the height of the frame.

Can I use this with a toilet extender that’s fixed to my toilet?
You will need to remove the toilet extender to fix this toilet safety frame.

Can I use just one handle of this toilet safety rail ?
You can use one handle of this product, but it’s not entirely safe. The frame may slip off when you are putting all your weight on just one handle. To avoid that, use the two handlebars.

8.3 Total Score

Ease of Use
Sturdiness & Stability
Value for Money
  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Slip-free padded grab arms
  • Adjustable grab arms
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Doesn’t fit all toilet bowl shapes
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