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Elderly people with limited mobility and balance problems, often have difficulties getting around their daily activities, especially bathing. Since we can’t eliminate this much needed daily ritual, we can find a way to make it easier. Grab bars function effectively in the bathroom and can be used in other areas around the house, such as stairwells.

Frankly, there are several options to pick from, especially in local and online stores. While most people prefer the traditional grab bars, some have embraced the latest suction system available in newer products.

Among several of these new designs, the Carex Suction Grab Bar stands out due to its effective safety system and sleek, luxe design. So, we decided to provide you with all the necessary details you would need before you think about buying the Carex Suction Grab Bar.


Carex Suction Grab Bar is a product of Carex Health Brands. It is one of the most popular suction shower grabs because it features a powerful dual-locking system for the cups. Generally, most seniors are wary of using suction grab bars because it could lose pressure at the wrong time. This concern is laid to rest with the installation of locking suction cups.

These suction cups work on non-porous, flat surfaces. This also includes tiles, glass, fiberglass, and acrylic surfaces. Unlike other grab bars that use screws and secure mount hardware for installation, Carex Suction Grab bars can support up to 250 lbs. However, it would not be an ideal choice for seniors and the elderly who might weigh 250 lbs. or more.

Another helpful feature is the color indicator. This indicator changes color from red to green when the grab bar is secured properly to the surface. The color indicator is bright and clear so that you would know when the bar is safe to use. Additionally, since the bar uses suction cups, there is no need for installation hardware. Kindly note that you have to press the cups onto the surface firmly – the higher the pressure, the greater the hold of the suction cups.

However, before you jump right into using this product, you should note some specific instructions. Although they are all included in the user’s guide, some of them are mounting the grab bars only on clean, flat surfaces and making sure that the indicator light is green before you start using the product.

While we have said this earlier, it is essential to emphasize that this product is not designed to support full body weight. We have listed some major pros and cons of the product below.


  • Ultra-grip shower handle
  • Powerful dual-locking suction cups
  • Tool-free installation
  • Color-changing indicators
  • Supports weight up to 300 lbs


  • The suction system might fail in a defective product

What is the Carex Suction Grab Bar Made of?

Carex Suction Grab Bar is made using rubber discs, steel rods, and springs. It has a visual indicator that turns from red to green when the grab bar is securely positioned. Like most suction cups, this product uses a pressure lock system. This means that while installing it, you have to apply pressure on the wall for greater suction. It is portable and compact and can be taken along on trips for use in hotel rooms and guest bathrooms.

Our Carex Suction Grab Bar Review

When it comes to advertising, manufacturers tend to be compelling and sometimes even misleading. That’s why we have ensured that you have all the detailed information about Carex Suction Grab Bar from users who have used it for some time.

Furthermore, we have assigned scores to each feature of the product based on its usability and performance. We believe you will agree with most, if not all, of our points if you decide to purchase the product. Regardless of your final decision, here is what we think about the product.

Easy to Install (7.4/10)

I bought this product a few weeks ago for my mother and I could not be happier with the purchase. The Carex Suction Grab Bar is safe and easy to use. It is designed with two indicators – red and green. These indicators let you know whether the bar is installed correctly or not. My mother always makes sure to check the suction indicators to ensure it is still holding properly before grabbing onto it. Our bathroom has the older style glazed tiles that are 4 x 4 inches, and this product fits into three tiles perfectly. Although I did have to move it around a bit to find where it works best.

The instruction manual says very clearly that you have to use level and smooth tiles for the suction to work correctly. While installing, make sure you press the grab bar as hard as possible until you see the full green indicator before clamping it down. Products like these are secure and work best only when you install them properly. If you install it correctly, you will be happy with its performance. Also, you can mount the Carex Suction Grab Bar either vertically or horizontally, depending on your requirement.

Sturdiness and Stability (6.9/10)

I had looked at quite a few grab bars before but wasn’t sure which one to buy. After checking the features of the Carex Suction Grab Bar, I felt that maybe this would be the right one for my mother. What we liked about these grab bars is that it locks securely while installing, which makes the product safe for use. But yes, the surface on which the product is mounted makes a lot of difference. As mentioned before, the surface needs to be straight and clean.

It provides decent enough balance and stability to my mother. If you are buying it for someone who finds it extremely difficult to stand in the bathroom, then you might want to consider installing the screwed-in handles – one with stud and secure mount anchors. Overall, after all these months of using this product, my mom and I are happy with the stability it provides as well as its performance.

Value for Money (8.0/10)

For the money I invested in the Carex Suction Grab Bar, I think I got a good deal. It’s easy to use, locks in securely, and provides stability to my mother. Also, what’s good about it is that you can unmount it anytime you want. It’s not permanent. And removing it is no trouble as well.

I would recommend this grab bar for anyone who just needs some assistance in the bathroom, whether you have an elderly person at home or just had surgery. Also, not all bars can be used on fiberglass surfaces, so make sure you check the specifications properly before buying. When it comes to value for money, I believe 8.0 is a fair score.

Final Verdict (7.4/10)

If we were to give an overall rating to Carex Suction Grab Bar, we would rate it 7.4. Based on the above-mentioned qualities, it’s a mix of both – good and some things that can be improved. It is essential to state that the reviews were not based on a single individual’s experience but from a broad overview of varying opinions.

[FAQ’s] Consumers Questions and Answers

Does this product stick to bath stalls with no tiles?
The grab bar does not require tile to be on the surface for it to stick. The suction grips hold to any smooth, flat, and non-porous surface.

How many pounds can this product support?
This product has a 250 lbs. weight capacity. However, it is not intended to support a user’s entire weight.

Can gorilla glue be used to create a permanent attachment?
If you are looking for a permanent solution, try out bars that install directly on the wall.

7.4 Total Score

Easy to Install
Sturdiness & Stability
Value for Money
  • Ultra-grip shower handle
  • Powerful dual-locking suction cups
  • Tool-free installation
  • Color-changing indicators
  • Supports weight up to 300 lbs
  • The suction system might fail in a defective product
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