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Unlike decades ago, having limited mobility is not an excuse for not enjoying baths. Technological advancements have led to the manufacturer of strong and reliable bath lifts that allow seniors and disabled people to continue using their favorite bathtubs. The BathLyft Power Reclining Bath Lift is a perfect example of such a product. With this compact lift, you are assured that your bath time will be smooth and flawless. You get to control it by using an ergonomic hand-held control device, meaning that you do not necessarily have to call out for help for someone to adjust your position.

How can I tell if the BathLyft Power Reclining Bath Lift is worth my money? Relax, we’ve got your back. We have tried and tested this bath lift, and it is our honor to share our experience with you. We will share what we loved about it and what we strongly disliked. Having this information will assist you in deciding whether you should buy this product. It is also prudent to check out what other people have to say about this product before making the final decision.


Did you know that a hot bath can relieve body pains in addition to being relaxing? Well, with the BathLyft Power Reclining Bath Lift, you get to enjoy these benefits. This bath lift is compact and made using high-quality materials to ensure that your bath time is relaxing and refreshing. It comes with a powerful and long-lasting motor that allows it to serve you a long time. The size also makes it easier to store and transport from one place to another. It can support up to 300 pounds of body weight.


  • Long-lasting and service-free motor
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to assemble
  • 6 self release suction cups
  • Compact design
  • Fast-charging battery


  • Battery drains fast
  • Hard to release suction cups

What is the BathLyft Power Reclining Bath Lift Made of?

The BathLyft Power Reclining Bath Lift is made of heavy-duty metal and plastic. The frame is made of metal that is reinforced with high-grade plastic. The materials are strong enough to support people whose weight does not exceed 300 pounds. It comes with a high and comfortable backrest that makes it easier to use and fold with one hand. The metallic motor is very powerful and quiet. It does not require servicing and is designed to work for many years without breaking down. The hand-held control for this bath lift is mainly made of plastic, and the design is user friendly and watertight.

Our BathLyft Power Reclining Bath Lift review

Our healthy grandmother started experiencing problems using her bathtub a couple of months ago, which made her sad. Besides her old age, she does not have any severe medical conditions that would impair her mobility. Since getting in and out of the bathtub bothered her a lot, we decided to look for a bathtub lift. Initially, she was hesitant to try one, but we convinced her to accept her current challenge and face it head-on.

We embarked on an online search for the perfect bath lift. A couple of days later, we came across the BathLyft Power Reclining Bath Lift through an advertisement. We did a bit of background research before ordering one online. She has been using this bath lift for a couple of months now, transforming her life. Based on her experience, we will share our feelings and opinions about three main aspects: ease of use, suction power, and sturdiness & stability. Kindly note that our views are subjective and may vary from yours.

Suction Power (8.5/10)

One of the most impressive features of the BathLyft Power Reclining Bath Lift was its suction power. Before our granny got to use the lift, we tested it on her bathtub to ensure that the suction cups worked well. We placed a few gym weights on the seat to ensure that the lift would not move when attached to the tub. To be honest, our grandma is quite petite, but we used weights, adding up to 250 pounds.

We discovered that the suction cups attached very firmly to the smooth bathtub. We wondered if they would be as secure on textured bathtubs, but we later learned that they are specifically designed to work on smooth surfaces. After our little test, we allowed our grandma to have a bath the next day. She raved about how well the suction cups worked. They did not move at all as she showered, and she felt safe and stable. She also loved to adjust her position using the hand-held control device without the base of the lift moving, so she changed her position several times and took her time having the first bath.

We were impressed because her comments proved that we had made the right decision to buy the BathLyft Power Reclining Bath Lift. The only qualm we had about this product was that the suction power was too strong, making it extremely difficult to remove the lift from the bathtub. It took us over half an hour to figure out how to disengage the suction cups from the bathtub floor.

After about 30 minutes, we called in our grandma’s caregiver, who has some experience using bath lifts. We did not quite understand the tricks she used to release all six suction cups, but she seemed to do it without much strain. Since she lives with grandma, we assigned the task of freeing the suction cups to her, and so far, she has not complained about them.

Sturdiness and Stability (8.2/10)

When the BathLyft Power Reclining Bath Lift we ordered was delivered, we were a bit skeptical about its sturdiness and stability. It looked too compact, and the thin materials made us believe that it was feeble and would not last a long time. After assembling it, the lift proved us wrong. We learned that the thickness of the materials did not translate to more strength.

The lift was very stable, and it did not show any signs of being wobbly. We loved that it could hold the weight of grandma without shaking. All she had to do was walk to her lift and take a seat. Everything else was flawless.

We also loved the strength of the materials. The plastic seat and backrest were pretty strong despite looking relatively thin to the eye. She felt comfortable on the seat, and it did not squeak or show any signs of weakness during use. When she sat on the lift, there was a bit of space on both sides, mainly because she is a petite lady. The space was not big enough to cause any worry of falling. She loves the lift very much, and so did we.

Easy to Assemble (8.5/10)

Our BathLyft Power Reclining Bath Lift was extremely easy to set up. In fact, it took only one person to assemble it. We loved that the assembly instructions were clear and concise, and they covered all the essential points that made this process flawless. The process was so easy that a handy child could fix it under minimal supervision.

We also loved that the lift was small enough to fit in standard bathtubs. We even tried it on the downstairs bathtub that is a little smaller, and it worked just fine. Including it in the tub was easy, and so was removing it, as long as the suction cups were released. Grandma is confident that she can travel with her bath buddy whenever she wants to because it is foldable and very easy to assemble and disassemble if the need arises.

Final Verdict 8.4

Our overall score for the BathLyft Power Reclining Bath Lift is an impressive 8.4/10 because grandma loves her bath buddy so much. She has not stopped raving about it, and she recommends it to her friends and other relatives in need of bath lifts. We also love that she is a happy and content woman.

We also feel that the BathLyft Power Reclining Bath Lift is a wise purchase for seniors having difficulty entering or exiting a bathtub. Its suction power is excellent, meaning that you are very unlikely to have a bathtub accident. The suction cups secure the lift to any bathtub with a smooth surface. The product is also straightforward to assemble and use, and its strength and stability is worth talking about. If the need arises, we will be repurchasing the BathLyft Power Reclining Bath Lift.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Can I lower and raise this life while in the reclined position?
Unfortunately, you cannot do this. The only way to recline your BathLyft Power Reclining Bath Lift is when it is at the lowest position in the bathtub.

Does my caregiver have to remove the bath lift to clean the bathtub?
Yes, it is recommended that you clean the bathtub without the seat. If the seat is still in the bathtub, the cleaner will not clean underneath the lift where the base is attached to the tub using the suction cups.

Can this bath lift work on a textured bathtub?
It is unlikely to attach properly to a textured bathtub because it is designed for smooth surfaces. If your bathtub is textured, you should consider sanding down the spots on which you will attach the lift.

How long with the BathLyft Power Reclining Bath Lift’s battery last before I need to replace it?
The battery should last you several years, depending on how you use the lift. If it gets worn out, you can purchase a replacement online or from physical shops.

Can I fold my BathLyft Power Reclining Bath Lift to make it easier to transport during the festive season?
Yes, you can easily fold down the bath lift to make it easier to transport and store. The lift is designed to fold down quite easily; you can do it with just one hand.

The bathtub I use is only 28 ½ inches wide and one foot deep. Will it accommodate my new BathLyft Power Reclining Bath Lift?
The BathLyft Power Reclining Bath Lift is compact, so it should fit well in your bathtub. It works well in standard bathtubs and smaller bathtubs as well.

8.4 Total Score

Suction Power
Sturdiness and Stability
Easy to Assemble
  • Long-lasting and service-free motor
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to assemble
  • 6 self release suction cups
  • Compact design
  • Fast-charging battery
  • Battery drains fast
  • Hard to release suction cups
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