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Many people contribute differently to the inevitable action of having a bath – either in the morning, night, or any time of day. But, it is super exciting if you have a unique set of bath seats. The name “bath seat” might bring a direct connection of you getting a relaxed form of bathing; yes, it is! But, a bath seat is beyond just relaxing.

Generally, all bath seats give you outstanding health balance – especially to the seniors. At some age in life, you may start experiencing difficulties in doing what you could do before, majorly in the aspect of standing for a long period. The same knowledge and reason brought about the production of the bath seat.

So, do not see it as a seat. Picture it as an aiding tool that supports you very early as you are preparing for work and late in the night, when you plan to have a fantastic night’s rest. All about the bath seat is good indeed, but the foldable luxury bath seat ignites the simplicity, efficiency and makes it suitable for everyone – including the older adults. Let’s drive through the body of the luxury bath seat.


Autumn Lane Foldable Luxury Bath Seat is significantly known for the durability function. The constituted materials are pulled up to make a resting stand for users, so it comes with the great inner strength to withstand varieties of weight ranging from adults, elders, and seniors – it holds up to 350 lbs.

The luxury bath seat comes with a strong frame that makes it possible to attach to the wall of the shower easily. Users do not need to move or avoid the bathroom setup. Once you install the device, it remains for use in a single place forever. More importantly, it is foldable; thus, it occupies a small space in your bathroom irrespective of the size.

The word “luxury” attached to the device comes in the sense that the device does not weaken your bathroom setup. If you have a luxury shower already, the device adds to the configuration via simple & classic white coloration, alongside the silver metal trimming, which doesn’t overwhelm your bathroom’s aesthetics.

This product is more comfortable and reliable than the traditional shower stools and benches in suiting the seniors. Anyone using the material does not need to pick it up or make some necessary arrangements for other devices. This is because it comes with a molting space, a foldable choice, and rounded corners for a pleasant experience while bathing and the same rounded corners prevent injuries if you accidentally bump into the bath seat.

All in all, the versatility recorded for this device makes it a good one for physically challenged individuals or those with limited mobility functions, especially those that cannot stand for a long period. Medically, the device prevents irritation caused by the material surface and limits any form of allergic reactions.


  • Portability
  • Extra comfort
  • Foldable structure
  • Versatile for all ages
  • Strong & Durable


  • Immovable
  • Limited color choice

What is the Autumn Lane Foldable Luxury Bath Seat Made of?

The main component is duroplast – a plastic family that is engineered to withstand heavy load and stand against rust. Duroplast is a suitable choice to prevent all the aftermath of water and air contact with the bath seat. All the combinations give rise to excellent comfort and weight endurance up to 350 pounds.

Autumn Lane Foldable Luxury Bath Seat is foldable, and thus, portable. It is suitable for all hospitals, personal, and retirement facilities; because the rounded shape shows to cause less damage or injury to the user. Thus, it doesn’t wear-out easily, and it lasts for an extended period. Aside from this, it comes with little stress for seniors due to the easy drop-down configuration.

The best way to use the product is via form and function. Some of the structural forms are rounded, foldable, luxurious, easily drop-down, and portable. It is more appealing if you apply the form to your needs: you can apply the rounded & foldable structure to your small bathroom. It complements your luxury bathroom if you have one. And the drop-down option is suitable for your Grannies & Pops.

Our Autumn Lane Foldable Luxury Bath Seat review

A decision is the best thing that preceded a smart move. If you will love and care for certain things at all, you must know the reason behind your action. Likewise, we are here to show you our honest reviews about the product; and not only the reviews but a series of experience & personal usage from the sets of guidelines we had outlined to checkout the capacities equipped in the product. We hope you see all you desired from the outline below. Read on, and see the interaction with the product and each impact it gave us.

Comfort (8.9/10)

Looking at just the stylish design, I was deliberately and eager to check out the comfortability expected from the device. I wasn’t surprised when I sat on the seat bath, and it gave a clear message to me regarding all my mindset. It is explicitly comfortable, and the design is more configured to modern hotel structure. Due to the usual complaint of stain and less comfortable messages from woods and benches, the company used the consumer’s need to design stylish and comfortable material, which is the duroplast.

All plastics are light, and the combination or overall lookout is known to be transparent and body-friendly. The same is the polyester material – duroplast. It gives comfort and puts the body to zero worries about allergic reactions or other forms of complaints. More of the comforts come from the structure; it is lightweight, soft, and smooth. Likewise, you can set the comfort you want to receive by setting the height to place the material in your bathroom since it comes with wall brackets. 8.9/10 rating justifies my explanation.

Sturdiness and Stability (9.4/10)

The material is designed to carry loads, and for the same reason, it comes with a hole on the hinge and large lag bolts, which form the bracket formation. Once installed, it supports my weight and gives zero reactions to it; the settings all look great, without any worries of breaking off the wall. I personally placed over a 350-pound load on the material, bounced on it, and it proved ideal to the applications.

It is expected to withstand all weights in the range of 350 pounds, although it may show some ideal bounce to the lower part of the system. This is because it is made from rubber type configuration, and it is expected to expand at its level and shows about 1/2 inch recoil when sitting. And 9.4/10 rating gives my insight and experience while using the material.

Easy to Install (8.9/10)

Installing the material is straightforward. You only need to look at the pictorial diagram. Aside from this, it needs a little installation, as you have the main sitting area covered by the material already; you just need to fix the brackets to the wall.

To me, you need zero knowledge in areas of screwing, and you may not have any experience dealing with bolts before you install it successfully. All you need is to follow the instructions listed in the package; more importantly, it gives both words and pictorial explanation.

I carefully inserted all the screws and bolts in their selected areas. Although you can tilt the device and arrange it in a way that gives you the best results, I made it slightly high from the base. This is because I want an easy drain of water after use. I didn’t experience any difficulties while installing the device, so 8.9 ratings are good for me.

Value for Money (9.0/10)

Apart from the foldable and portable structure, the Autumn Lane Foldable Luxury Bath Seat is what I needed. I longed for luxury things because of my bathroom settings, and it gave me what I needed, even complimented the feelings I had been experiencing in my bathroom.

Before now, I followed traditional ways to have a successful shaving. Although the former sitting position suits me, I love the feeling I get while shaving in my bathroom from the luxury bath seat. The same feeling pushed me to Install one of the materials for my Mom, she enjoys shaving, and she loves it. On this base, I give a 9.0 rating for the value for money.

Final Verdict 9.1

If you follow this trend perfectly well, you will notice the reason or some of the reasons we choose this product. It gives simple values to life and solves life challenging issues like injuries from the bathroom. Now, carefully recall the luxury design, easy installation, lightweight, and comfortability. They are all soul pleasuring.

We know what we explained from direct contacts and individuals’ rest reports. Our mind is to impact what we observed while using the product, and we hope you’d see one or two reasons to confirm all the questions that rage in you either to settle for the product or otherwise. But we know we have directly and unbiasedly influenced you to make the right decision, which we believe won’t affect you later.

[FAQ’S] Consumer Questions & Answers

Does it fold to 90 degrees from the wall?
Yes, it can. The best way to enjoy it is to have a sturdy confirmation from the wall; then, you can easily tilt it to how you wanted.

What is the standard height from the floor?
Height is not static. You must know your height and the best sitting position from the floor. Then you can examine the best position to place the device.

Can I change the color?
Yes, you can. Although the silver and white coloration makes it more luxurious, you can easily change it to what fits you best.

9.1 Total Score

Sturdiness and Stability
Easy to Install
Value for Money
  • Portability
  • Extra comfort
  • Foldable structure
  • Versatile for all ages
  • Strong & Durable
  • Immovable
  • Limited color choice
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