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Unlike conventional bathtubs, walk-in tubs have low step-in thresholds and swing doors to allow users easy entry into the tub. Besides the configuration differences, these walk-in models work pretty much the same way as standard ones. Basically, a user will open the door, get in, close the door, and fill the tub with water. After the bath, drains empty the tub, and the user can then exit the tub.

When a person gets older becomes disabled or even injured, seemingly-routine activities such as taking baths can become overly complicated. Walk-in bathtubs such as the American Standard Gelcoat Value Whirlpool are meant to make bath times easier. Like other bath products, the features, prices, and quality of walk-in tubs vary from one manufacturer to another. It can, therefore, become quite tricky choosing the perfect one.

If you are looking for a walk-in tub, you have probably come across the American Standard Gelcoat Value Whirlpool. Is it a good model, and should you purchase it for your loved one? Our in-depth review of this product will take you through its upsides and downsides and help you decide whether it might be the ideal purchase for you.


Choosing the ideal walk-in tub requires one to evaluate numerous factors. These include the build materials, quality, specifications, safety, and features. Since these items can be quite pricey, it is essential to get your purchase right. Here is a brief look at the pros and cons of the American Standard Gelcoat Value Whirlpool.


  • Excellent temperature maintenance
  • High water capacity
  • Invigorating massage system
  • Quick drain technology


  • Not feature-packed
  • Pricey

What is the American Standard Gelcoat Value Whirlpool Made of?

The American Standard Gelcoat Value Whirlpool is made from Gelcoat-covered fiberglass. Besides acrylic, fiberglass is probably the most common walk-in tub construction material. The Gelcoat layer is intended to improve the overall durability of the tub. The shell houses numerous control knobs, faucets, and grab bars to improve the tub’s overall usability, safety, and feel.

Our American Standard Gelcoat Value Whirlpool Review

I purchased the American Standard Gelcoat Value Whirlpool three months ago for my aged mother, who was having problems using her regular bathtub. Since then, she has used the walk-in tub daily. I also use it on occasion (just for the sheer fun of it). This review will look into the tub’s build quality, safety, features, and overall value for money.

Keep in mind that another person might have an entirely different opinion about the tub due to numerous factors. Therefore, this review of the American Standard Gelcoat Value Whirlpool will be solely based on what I have observed over the three months since I purchased the product. Most importantly, I will also factor in my mum’s opinions since she is the tub’s primary user.

Features (8.8/10)

The American Standard Gelcoat Value Whirlpool has several basic features and almost no fancy bells and whistles. The shell itself has an 80-gallon capacity, usually more than enough for my mother’s bath. My favorite feature is the whirlpool water heater that impressively maintains the bathwater temperature. There is also a basic water jet massage system that makes use of 6 independent jets. A leg-only massage feature further complements this to improve the overall bath experience.

Additionally, an outstanding quick drain technology empties the entire tub in less than 120 seconds without installing additional plumbing. For the price I paid for the American Standard Gelcoat Value Whirlpool, I somewhat expected it to have a more extensive list of features such as those in some of the alternative products. Still, my mother is quite content with the available features. The tech-savvy person in me is less than impressed.

Safety (9.2/10)

One would be hard-pressed to find any fault in the American Standard Gelcoat Value Whirlpool’s safety features. When it comes to the required safety measures, this tub pretty much ticks every box. The tub has an impressively low threshold measuring 5 inches. This significantly reduced the chances of my mother tripping while getting into the tub. It is also worlds apart from the more than 12 inches of threshold on her regular tub.

The drains in the American Standard Gelcoat Value Whirlpool also empty the tub super-fast, an attribute that would come in handy in case of an emergency. The tub’s side has a high-quality, stainless-steel grab bar that helps reassure a user’s grip during bath time. The swing door on this tub is also extensive, allowing for easy entry. I can rest easy knowing that my senior mother will not bump into the sides.

Lastly, the floor has a well-finished, textured, anti-slip floor that makes it almost impossible to slip while taking a bath inadvertently. I can tell you for a fact; my mother barely goes a day without saying how nice she feels using the American Standard Gelcoat Value Whirlpool. I know part of that means that she feels safe.

Quality (9.1/10)

I was torn between purchasing an acrylic walk-in tub and a fiberglass one. Something inside me leaned towards acrylic, even though I still settled for the American Standard Gelcoat Value Whirlpool and its fiberglass construction. Despite my earlier preferences, it is hard to find any fault in this tub’s construction quality. It is as solidly-built as any top walk-in tub in the market today.

The inside of the tub is also as high-quality as the exterior and features a smooth, easy-to-clean surface. I would have loved to have additional grab bars on the outside or a continuous handrail, but my mother has to make do with the single bar. I can only hope that the Gelcoat fiberglass will age nicely as some acrylic bathtubs I have seen elsewhere.

Value for Money (8.8/10)

This is the one attribute I would not score the American Standard Gelcoat Value Whirlpool very highly. I think the price of this walk-in tub does not reflect its overall feature set. While the quality is definitely worth the money, the limited features are not. There are alternatives in the market that have way more features for a similar price point. That said, I would still purchase this walk-in tub again if the need ever arises. This is because it does what it is supposed to exceptionally well.

If the manufacturer can add a few more features (fixed or optional), I would gladly give this product a higher value for the money score. 8.8/10 is not a bad score anyway and is still among the best in the walk-in tub market.

Final Verdict 9.0

Since I purchased the American Standard Gelcoat Value Whirlpool, the only person who is happier with the purchase is my mother. Since she is the tub’s primary beneficiary, her happiness implies that this is one phenomenal product. By now, you have probably noticed that my biggest misgiving with this tub concerns the limited features.

After having my mother use the tub for more than three months and experiencing its upsides and downsides, I gave it a final score of 9.0/10. I would happily recommend this walk-in tub to anyone, any day.

[FAQ’s] Consumer Questions & Answers

Does this tub warm water?
No, it does not. The American Standard Gelcoat Value Whirlpool comes equipped with an inline heater. However, this does not heat water; it maintains the temperature of preheated water. If you pour cold water into the tub, the inline heater will not warm it.

Do I require additional parts to assemble this tub?
No, you do not. The tub comes with everything you will require. This includes knobs, faucets, and a drain. If you want additional information regarding the installation, feel free to contact the manufacturer.

Can I get a panel for the tub’s right side so I can install it on a two-wall setting?
No, you do not have this option of the Gelcoat model. However, it is possible with the acrylic model of the tub.

9 Total Score

Value for Money
  • Excellent temperature maintenance
  • High water capacity
  • Invigorating massage system
  • Quick drain technology
  • Not feature-packed
  • Pricey
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